Terls enterprises in 16, A-Srinivaan Street, Krishnapuram Colony Madurai

TERLS ENTERPRISES, merchant exporters our product range comprises of coir fibre, coconut product, coir geotextile, appalam. We are known for high quality & timely delivery of products. We have arich vendor base, effective logistic planning support.
  • Indian Semi husked coconut

    Coconut, having rich nutritional values and which can be enjoyed from fresh fruit or adding dried coconut to recipes. We deal with very fresh and good quality of coconuts, having a quality vendorbase we wont get compromised in quality.
  • Coir fibre

    We offer a rich quality of coir fibre products to our clients, Our coir fibre products consists of cur coir fibre, coir rope, coir twine, twisted curled coir. All these products have versatileapplications starting from packaging industries and other uses. Our products are eco friendly and bio-degradable.
  • Coir geotextile

    We offer coir geotextile that is 100% organic fibre derived from renewable source (coconut husk). These are inherently resistant to decay, moulds and misture. The range is available in 10 varietieswith fixed quality specifications of international standards.
  • Appalam

    Applam is a very delicious snacks, which can also be accompaniment to main dish. We offer most delicious applams which is prepared using hygienic processing facility and packing.


Terls enterprises
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