TAJI & REKAN - Indonesian Law Firm in Jakarta

TAJI & REKAN ("TNR") is a full service Indonesian law firm with the mindset to provide first class service to our clients anywhere in Indonesia. So, how can we help you today?

  • Corporate Law

    The depth and capacity of the corporate practice at TNR's Law Firm accumulated from the diverse experience of our lawyers. We are equipped to assist clients in a wide range of Indonesian corporate law areas in a holistic approach to compete most effectively in a global business environment. Our Corporate practice includes as follows:-

    + General Corporate & Commercial

    + Merger & Acquisition

    + Foreign Investment

    + Contract Review & Drafting

    + Labor & Employment

    + Corporate Finance

  • Litigation

    Our seasoned attorneys work hand in hand with our clients to ensure their best interests are protected. We delivers aggressive litigation to fight for our clients goals. Our Litigation practice includes as follows:-

    + Commercial & Civil Litigation

    + Criminal Litigation

    + State Administrative Litigation

    + Labor & Employment Litigation

    + Intellectual Property Right Litigation

    + Unfair Business Competition Litigation

    + Bankruptcy

    + Alternative Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

  • Industry-Related Law Practice

    We recognize that many clients face issues unique to their business sector. Our holistic approach is to advise clients bringing together corporate, industry sector regulatory and litigation expertise to provide a full-service platform to companies within each industry. Our Industry-Related practice serves industy sectors as follows:-

    + Plantation & Forestry

    + Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas

    + Real Estate & Property

    + Media & Entertainment

    + Telecommunication & Information Technology

    + Banking

  • Family-Individual Law Practice

    Our attorneys have the expertise to assist clients in family law issues and for individual having legal problems in Indonesia.

    + Marriage Law

    + Marital Dispute and Divorce Litigation

    + Inheritance


TAJI & REKAN - Indonesian Law Firm
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