Kids Play System in songjiang district


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As supplier of Children Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds, KIDS PLAY SYSTEM product range covers 3 main areas: Playground Projects,

Sports & Fitness, and Urban Furnitures. We are aimed at public & residential playgrounds, educational institutions, entertainment

centers. Since KIDS PLAY SYSTEM is a full-service provider, we offer everything as a one-station unit. We make advice, provide design,

manufacture, deliver, assembly and offer an unrivalled service support to clients and partners at all times.

We are stands for delivering outstanding products that safe, attractive and with competitive price.

  • Playground Project Plan and Manufacture

    Basic Services:

    Playgrounds planning and budget calculation;

    Customized 3D design renderings ( completed views and detailed plans )

    Specified assembly instruction and and comprehensible maintenance owner manuals.

    Effective resolutions of issues.

    Premium services

    Assembly of playground projects

    Main inspection and maintenance of playgrounds annually on site

    Project management


Kids Play System
outdoor playground equipment, soft indoor playground, park amusement equipment, street furniture, water park equipment