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Silt Fence Professional Supplier WHO WE ARE? Winchebro Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional corporation founded in 1998 in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China, dealing in manufacturing,exporting and supplying quality silt fences.We can mainly offer fabric, wire mesh, steel stakes and prefabricated wire backed fabric which is a kit form for your convenience. You can choose siltfences according to your own requirements and applications. WHY WORK WITH US? We always follow sincere to believe as the management idea of our company and promise you the best silt fences andservices. Since the establishment of our company to the present, have a good reputation protection, and we cooperate with the company of our products have a higher evaluation. We have high qualitytechnical team and strict technical requirements, our products are through strict quality checks, thereby producing customer satisfaction products. WHAT WE SALE? We mainly manufacture and supplysuper silt fence in kit form, silt fence fabric, metal steel and wire mesh which you can match on your own, optional accessories and devices for silt fences.
  • Super Silt Fencing - a Kit Form for Users Convenience (500)

    Super Silt Fence Is Ready for Immediate Installation Supersilt fence, a kit form of silt fencing, mainly includes two types: prefabricated silt fence with posts and wire backed silt fence withoutposts. Prefabricated silt fence with posts comes preassembled as a unit, and is ready for immediate installation upon arrival at your site; wire backed silt fence without posts attached is also readyfor immediate installation upon arrival at your site and it is a perfect choice if you have your own posts. Following guidance of ASTM D6461 / D6461M - 16 Standard Specification for Silt FenceMaterialsand ASTMD6462 ? 03(2008) Standard Practice for Silt Fence Installation, metal fences with 6 inch or smaller mesh openings and at least 2 feet high are utilized, fastened to the posts whichshall have a maximum spacing of 1.2 m (4 ft) and are constructed of heavy wood or metal as needed to support the geotextile fabric and withstand heavier sediment loading. There is a roll of gray siltfencing with white wire backed. SSF-01: Wire backed silt fencing without posts is a perfect choice if you have your own posts.This is a set of super silt fence without posts. SSF-02: Bothprefabricated silt fence and wire backed silt fence are parts of super silt fences. There is a set of prefabricated silt fence with posts and chain link wire mesh. Prefabricated silt fence - 01 Chainlink fence (6 rolls) 3-1/2' × 50', 14 gauge Fabric (1 roll) 50" × 300' Steel posts (31 per kit) 6' height × 2-1/2" diameter Hog rings: 2 lb. per bag Aluminum ties 100 per bag, 8-1/2"This is a set ofsilt fence, including silt fence fabric, metal post, wire mesh, hog rings, sod staples and so forth. Prefabricated silt fence - 02 Chain link fence (3 rolls) 2" and 2-3/8" opening size, 66" height ×60' in length Galvanized pipe 2-1/2" diameter × 6' in length Fabric (1 roll) 70" × 180' Aluminum ties & hog rings 5 per post, 8-1/2" There is a roll of black silt fence with 14 gauge wire backed.Black wire backed silt fence Fabric (black) 4' × 100' Welded wire mesh 14 gauge with 4" × 4" opening sizeThere is a roll of wire backed silt fence in orange. Orange wire backed silt fence Fabric(orange) 3' × 100' Welded wire mesh 14 gauge with 2" × 4" opening size A roll of gray wire backed silt fence tied with white packing belts is taken pictures from two angles. Grey wire backed siltfence Fabric (gray) 36" × 100' Welded wire mesh 24" × 100', 14 gauge with 2" × 4" opening size. Features Super silt fence is a severe duty reinforced type of silt fence. Super silt fence in kit formis for customers' convenience. Super silt fence utilizes the latest in erosion control technologies. Super silt fence is available in varying fabric heights and length. Super silt fence is able tohave stakes attached in different intervals based on the job as required. Super silt fence is lightweight, easy to handle and some times reusable. The installation of super silt fence does notrequire any specialized tools or specialized experience. Super silt fence can be used with sorts of accessories for working efficiently. workers are producing a set of super silt fencing. SSF-03:Super silt fencing is a high-strength and reinforced silt fence.Wire backed silt fences are stored in the warehouse. SSSF-04: Super silt fence is lightweight and easy to handle. Applications Beinggood at preventing the flow of sediment from leaving the designated areas and entering natural drainage ways by slowing water runoff, super silt fence is widely used in severe erosion conditions andapplied on earthworks sites, at the downstream boundary, in high water flow areas where a lot of sediment is present and so forth. Orange super silt fences are set beside the greenbelt. SSF-05: Supersilt fences have a wide range of applications.Super silt fences with chain link wire meshes are placed along roadside. SSF-06: Super silt fences can prevent sediment from leaving the designated areas
    • Super Silt Fencing - a Kit Form for Users Convenience
  • Silt Fence Fabric - Woven/Non-Woven to Control Sediment (500)

    Silt Fence Fabric Prevents Sediment & Allows Drainage Silt fence fabric, made of polyethylene, is a sediment control fabric designed to block silt runoff and prevent topsoil from washing awayfrom construction sites. We offer both woven and non-woven geotextile whose material is durable for long-lasting use. Silt fence fabric, being lightweight for easy-to-handle installation, isheavy-duty enough to separate, filter, reinforce, drain and protect soil. Furthermore, silt fence fabric, which is available in a wide variety of dimensions and styles for different applications, canwork with steel posts (or wood stakes) to shape an effective control system for sediment erosion. There are rolls of non-woven silt fence fabric in black. SFF-01: Silt fence fabric is made of premiumpolyethylene.There is a roll of black woven silt fence. SFF-02: We offer both woven and non-woven geotextile. There is a roll of woven silt fence fabric which has colorful stripes. SFF-03: Silt fencefabric is durable product for long-lasting use. Specification - silt fence fabric Model Height Length Style Color Weight SFFS-01 36" 50' Non-woven Plain black 80 gsm SFFS-02 36" 80' Woven Teal withblack stripes 100 gsm SFFS-03 40" 85' Non-woven Black 80 gsm SFFS-04 48" 50' Woven Black with blue lines 120 gsm SFFS-05 48" 100' Non-woven Orange 100 gsm SFFS-06 48" 100' Woven Black with greenlines 120 gsm SFFS-07 60" 200' Woven Black and aqua plaid 130 gsm There is a roll of non-woven silt fence fabric in plain black. SFF-04: Silt fence fabric is available in a wide variety of dimensionsand styles.This is a roll of teal silt fence fabric with black stripes. SFF-05: Silt fence fabric can effectively trap runoff to help prevent erosion. There is a roll of black silt fence fabric withgreen stripes. SFF-06: Silt fence fabric is UV stabilized and weather-resistant.This is a roll of woven silt fence fabric with black and aqua plaid. SFF-07:Silt fence fabric is lightweight and easyto handle. Features Made of premium woven or non-woven polyethylene, silt fencing can effectively trap runoff to help prevent erosion. Silt fence fabric is dual yet lightweight product to protectwater and soil. Being UV stabilized, silt fence fabric is resistant to deterioration caused by ultraviolet light, heat and soil conditions. Silt fence fabric is easy to handle and ideal for types ofoutdoor conditions and applications. Silt fence fabric can be manufactured into different sizes and colors, such as fabric in orange for visual warning, to meet customers' needs. Applied with steelposts (or wood stakes), silt fence fabric can work efficiently. Application Being tight enough to prevent sediment while allowing air and water to pass through, silt fence fabric is widely installedon the construction sites, near the causeways, along the roadsides, ditches, rivers, lakes, streams and so forth. Silt fence fabrics are assembled with wood stakes and set on the soil. SFF-08: Usedwith metal posts or wood stakes, silt fence fabrics do well in erosion control. Package Covered with plastic film & packed in black woven bags. Rolls of silt fence fabrics are packed in blackwoven bags. SFF-09: Packed in woven bags, silt fence fabrics are protected from scratching.Rolls of silt fence fabrics are placed on a truck and ready to deliver. SFF-10: We can deliver silt fencefabrics to our customers timely. Products
    • Silt Fence Fabric - Woven/Non-Woven to Control Sediment
  • Silt Fence Wire Mesh Is Anti-Corrosive & Rustproof (500)

    Silt Fence Wire Mesh - a Great Support for Silt Fabric Silt fence wire mesh is made of stainless steel wire which has high strength and integrity. The two most common types are chain link wire mesh(diamond wire mesh) and welded ones which are long lasting and can be applied with silt fence fabric in different types and dimensions. In accordance with ASTMD6637 Test Method for DeterminingTensile Properties ofGeogrids by the Single or Multi-Rib Tensile Method, wire support fence shall be 14 gauge steel wire and a maximum opening size of 6 by 6 in. [150 by 150 mm]. Providing strong,durable and flexible construction, chain link or welded wire mesh used for temporary silt fence can work with posts and fabric to trap the flowing sediment without creating a serious downstreamflooding problem. There are many rolls of welded silt fence wire meshes. SFWM-01: Silt fence welded wire mesh is made of high-strength stainless steel wire.Chain link silt fence wire meshes are piledup. SFWM-02: Silt fence wire mesh has two common types: welded and chain link ones. Chain link wire meshes are installed with silt fence fabric and metal posts. SFWM-03: Installed with silt fencefabric, metal posts and other accessories, silt fence wire meshes perform better. Specification - silt fence wire mesh Model Opening size (mm) Styles Roll size (mm) (height × length) SFWMS-01 25 × 25Chain link 30"×50' SFWMS-02 25 × 50 Welded 36" × 80' SFWMS-03 50 × 50 Chain link 36" × 100' SFWMS-04 80 × 80 Chain link 40" × 100' SFWMS-05 50 × 100 Welded 36" × 50' SFWMS-06 75 × 100 Welded 48" ×50' SFWMS-07 100 × 100 Chain link/welded 36" × 100' SFWMS-08 65 × 130 Welded 48" × 100' SFWMS-09 130 × 130 Chain link 48" × 80' SFWMS-10 75 × 150 Welded 60" × 200' SFWMS-11 150 × 150 Chainlink/welded 60" × 200' Material: stainless steel. Diameter: at least 14 gauge. Colors: silver (origin), black, white, etc. Notice: Other sizes and colors can be customized upon your needs. It shows a14 gauge black silt fence wire mesh with 3' × 100' openings. SFWM-04: Silt fence wire mesh can be manufactured into different dimensions.There is a piece of silt fence wire mesh with black coated.SFWM-05: PVC coated can protect silt fence wire meshes from rusting and wearing. Features Silt fence wire mesh can support fabric and work with steel posts efficiently to provide a integral sedimentcontrol system for users. Silt fence wire meshes, both chain link and welded ones, are corrosion-resistant and anti-rust. Being high-strength and durable, silt fence wire mesh has a long servicelife. Silt fence wire mesh can adapt to multifarious environment, weather and outdoor conditions. Silt fence wire mesh has smooth and bright appearance. Application Assembled with silt fence fabric,steel posts and other accessories (hog rings, fencing pliers, zip tie, safety cap, sod staple and so forth), silt fence wire mesh can be applied on the construction sites, along channels, at the headof slopes, nearby gullies, etc. to redirect and impound surface runoff effectively and, thereby, provide effective sediment control. Silt fence with chain link wire mesh is set on the grassland.SFWM-06: Silt fence wire mesh can be applied in many areas, such as construction sites, grasslands, slopes and so forth. Rolls of chain link wire meshes for silt fencing are stored in the warehouse.SFWM-07: Chain link wire meshes for silt fencing can provide a great support to the whole erosion control system.Both edges of chain link wire meshes for silt fencing are covered with yellow wovenbags. SFWM-08: Woven bags can avoid chain link wire meshes for silt fence being damaged during the transit. Products
    • Silt Fence Wire Mesh Is Anti-Corrosive & Rustproof
  • Metal Posts - a Heavy-Duty & Anti-Corrosive Product (500)

    Metal Posts Provide a Strong Support to Silt Fence Metal posts for silt fencing we offered are mainly three types, including tubing posts, T-post and channel posts which are made of steel, stainlesssteel and other quality metal. They are designed to give strong support to silt fence fabric and form a efficient sediment control system. Metal posts for silt fence can be manufactured into bothpointed (like a pencil) ones for easy installation and rounded ones to meet different requirements. In addition, being heavy-duty and corrosive-resistant, metal posts for silt fence have a wide rangeof applications. There are several types of metal posts. MP-01: Metal posts mainly consist of tubing posts, T-post and channel posts. There is a bundle of metal posts with pointed edges. MP-02: Metalposts with pointed edges is easier to install.Silt fences with metal posts are set on the slope. MP-03: Metal posts can give strong support to silt fence. Specification - round tubing posts for siltfence Model Type Size (mm) (diameter × thickness) Height (inch) Weight (lb/ft.) Color MPS-01 Tubing post (round) 20 × 3 36 1.3 Silver MPS-02 Tubing post (round) 25 × 2.5 36 1.401 Silver MPS-03 Tubingpost (round) 28 × 3 40 1.868 Gray MPS-04 Tubing post (round) 32 × 2.5 48 1.95 Red MPS-05 Tubing post (round) 40 × 3 60 2.765 Yellow Specification - square tubing posts for silt fence Model Type Size(mm) (length × thickness) Height (inch) Weight (lb/ft.) Color MPS-06 Tubing post (square) 25 × 2 36 1.3 Silver MPS-07 Tubing post (square) 40 × 2 48 2.52 Black Specification - T-posts for silt fenceModel Type Holes Height (inch) Weight (lb/ft.) Color MPS-08 T-post 7 36 1.65 Silver MPS-09 T-post 8 48 2.47 Green MPS-10 T-post 11 60 3.8 Black MPS-11 T-post 14 72 4.63 Green Specification - channelposts for silt fence Model Type Width (inch) Length (inch) Weight (lb/ft.) Color MPS-12 Channel post 1-1/2 36 1.3 Green MPS-13 Channel post 2-1/4 48 2.45 Green MPS-14 Channel post 2-1/2 60 3.2 BlackThere are many round tubing posts for silt fence. MP-04: Tubing posts for silt fence are anti-corrosive.There are six square tubing posts for silt fence. MP-05: Tubing posts for silt fence arelightweight. This is a T-post with green coated. MP-06: T-post has many colors for your choice.This is a channel post in black. MP-07: Channel post is a heavy-duty fencing post. Features: Metal postsfor silt fence are long lasting and re-usable. Metal posts for silt fence have excellent anti-rusting, bending-resistant and erosion-resistant ability. Being able to adapt to rugged environments andchangeable weathers, metal posts for silt fence in different types and dimensions can meet your different needs. Metal posts for silt fence can provide great support and stability to silt fence.Metal posts for silt fence is easy to dive into ground and install. Application Applied with silt fence fabric, metal posts are commonly placed at intervals on a disturbed slope or adjacent tostreams and ponds. They can also be installed in marshlands and ditches or around storm drains for slope and soil protection. Package 10 pcs per bundle. 200 pcs per pallet. There are bundles of roundtubing posts tied with stripes of cloth. MP-08: Metal posts can adapt to rugged environments and changeable weathers.There are uncoated T-posts piled up in the warehouse. MP-09: Uncoated T-posts areone of the most hot-sale metal posts on the market. There are pallets of T-posts with green coated piled up in the yard. MP-10: T-posts, being covered by brown paper and packaged with pallets, canprevent from scratching during delivery.
    • Metal Posts - a Heavy-Duty & Anti-Corrosive Product
  • Silt Fence Accessories (500)

    Silt Fence Accessories & Devices Help Work Efficiently Silt fence accessories and devices can help silt fence work more efficiently, mainly consisting of hog rings, fencing pliers, zip ties,safety caps (for posts), sod staples and so forth. Hog rings Hog rings are U-shaped metal rings that are bent into a circular formation in order to fasten silt fence and posts together. Hog rings canbe an easy and convenient method for fastening, especially when working with woven or non-woven fabrics. There are many hog rings placed together. SFAD-01: Hog rings are an easy and convenient way tofasten silt fence.There are some 14 gauge stainless steel hog rings and a open measuring tape. SFAD-02: Hog rings in different sizes can meet different needs. Fencing Pliers & hog ring pliersFencing Pliers & hog ring pliers provide a fast way to can fasten wire mesh to the silt fence. Hog ring pliers feature a tong in the center which holds the hog ring in place, allowing for easyinstallation. Fencing pliers can squeezed together, which bends and secures the wire mesh in place. This is a pair of hog ring pliers with red handles. SFAD-03: Hog ring pliers can greatly help theuse of hog rings.A worker is bending the silt fence wire mesh with a pair of fencing pliers. SFAD-04: Fencing pliers can bend silt fence wire mesh easily. Zip ties Zip ties (cable ties), normallymade of nylon, is a type of fastener for holding items together, primarily wire meshes and fabrics. Because of their low cost and ease of use, cable ties are finding use in a wide range of otherapplications. This is a black zip tie. SFAD-05: Zip tie is normally made of nylon.There are zip ties in different colors. SFAD-06: Zip tie can hold items of silt fence together. Safety caps (forposts) Safety post caps are designed to cover the sharp top edge of metal posts for silt fences, both protecting the security of workers and reducing the abrasion of posts. There are six black safetypost caps placed on the table. SFAD-07: Safety post caps can reducing the abrasion of metal posts.A yellow safety cap is installed on the metal post. SFAD-08: Safety cap can protect workers andpedestrians from scratching. Sod staples Sod staples (fence staples or landscape staples) which are rust-resistant, can pin fabric to soil and keep it in place. There are basically two kinds oflandscape staples: square top (U shaped) landscape staples and round top landscape staples. There are six black safety post caps placed on the table. SFAD-09: Sod staples made of high-quality metalare rust-resistant.There are two round top landscape staples. SFAD-10: Both square and round top sod staples can pin fabric tightly. Products
    • Silt Fence Accessories


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