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Thanks for visiting our website! Saton is a direct manufacturer and supplier of rubber items. We've been serving the industrial market for over fifteen years. We have an extensive inventory ofindustrial rubber products that enables us to meet our customers' requirement immediately. Further more, custom-fabricated rubber products are available, and there is no limit to minimum order. Weoffer rubber products more than these: cable protector, o rings, bellow cover, rubber gasket, dirt-proof boot, rubber pad, rubber handles, rubber stopper, phenolic series. Saton's advantages Livecustomer service ensures prompt response to your inquiry. To find creative ways to deliver service solutions, just communicate online directly with our dedicated professionals. Or email to usattached with your detailed requirement, we'll reply to you as fast as we can. Engineering assistance helps fabricate custom molded rubber items. Backed by expert engineers for design support, Satonemploy an experienced staff that utilizes modern fabrication and assembly equipment in combination with proven production techniques, to offer custom molded rubber items and ensure reliability,quality. And they help you expand the local market and perform at the best in applications. Our mission Saton is committed to providing the highest quality rubber items, as well as custom fabricatedones to our customers. We guarantee the best value with the largest inventory, most competitive price and the best customer service in the industry. To learn more about Saton, or to receive furtherassistance with rubber parts specifications and applications, or for pricing and availability, please contact one of our sales representatives.
  • Cable Protector (500)

    Cable Cover Protector Keeps Cable / Pedestrian Safe Cable protector is a practical cable management solution for indoor or outdoor use. Various profiles are available for different applications: fromone groove to five grooves, with or without hinged lid. It is easy to install and made of premium rubber or with PVC, the professional cable cover protectors have long life guarantee even under harshconditions. Commonly used at home or office for hiding computer cables and wires, it can also be used to cover dangerous wires and cabling in schools, warehouses, factories or other public area whereexposed cables and wires could be a tripping hazard. It is one cable protector with two cable ducts, and each duct has one cable crossing through. CP-01: The floor mounted cable protector with twocable ducts has anti-slip textured top surface for maximum grip.This is three channel cable protector, the hinged lid is open. CP-02: Three channel cable protector mainly designed for external use.It shows one cable protector with five channels, the hinged lid is open. CP-03: Cable protector with five channels, the top hinged lid for easy access to install cables.One connector for turningplace of cable protection ramps, it has angle of 45 degree. CP-04: The connector allows units to be ganged together forming an angled cable protector ramps. It shows four sections of one cableprotector, they interlink by the female and male end. CP-05: The female and male end interlink sections of the cable protector.This is one Y style cable protector with three channel, there exitsnotice for danger on the surface. CP-06: Y style cable protector with three channels interlinks cables from three ways. The obverse and the reverse of one light weight cable protector, and two cablescross through the protector. CP-07: Fabricated from the highest grade vulcanised rubber, the light weight cable protector could be used indoor and outdoors to cover wires or cables. This is one blackcable protector with three large cable ducts, and each duct has two cables. CP-08: The cable protector with three ducts separates data and power cables to prevent interference.One roll of flexiblecable and hose protector, it has one cable duct in the middle. CP-09: This kind of flexible cable protector routes power cords, data and audio cables safely and efficiently. This picture shows onerubber safety cable cover with three yellow stripes running the whole length. CP-10: Rubber cable cover with high visibility yellow stripes running the length of the cover makes it an obvioussolution to covering the trailing cables.It shows one heavy duty black cable and wire protector, four cables are inside the protector. CP-11: Heavy duty cable and wire protector stops wires frombeing cut or crushed when walked on and it fits most common cable types. Feature Non-slip surface. Eye-catching colour - yellow and black, to warn pedestrians. Excellent abrasion resistance. Rampdesign allows for easy passage of trolleys. Heavy duty interlocking connectors. Easy to assemble, remove and transport. High loading capacity for truck and forklift. Customized dimensions and LOGO.Specification Material: premium NB/SBR, PVC. Colour: yellow, black. Channels: 1 - 5. Width and length are customized according to customers' need. Application Cable cover protectors are ideal forhome, offices, hospitals, construction sites, factories, warehouses, commercial events, trade fairs and other places that need cable management. It shows that in an office, one lady's foot is trippedby the loose cable but the covered cables offer easy access. CP-12: Cable protector for internal use is cost effective to eliminate the risk of officers' tripping over cables.In a warehouse, onevehicle with heavy load passes the cable protector. CP-13: Cable protector with robust design for heavy goods, it is a good way to protect the cables in warehouse. It shows one car is driven over thecables, but with the cable protector, the cables are not damaged. CP-14: Cable cover protector for external use, it withstands heavy load.It shows the cable cover protector applied in a factory.CP-15: Cable cover protector helps reduce trip hazard brought by the disordered cables.
    • Cable Protector
  • Rubber Gasket (500)

    Rubber gasket, as a mechanical seal that occupies the space between two smooth mating pieces, generally prevents fluid leakage from or into the joint objects when exposed to a pressure differential.It has various thicknesses, density and colours for choice. The rubber gasket (ring gasket or full faced gasket) is used in various applications such as fluid restriction, vibration dampening, noisereduction, electrical absorption, weather insulation. There are two rubber gasket pads in the picture, one is square shape and the other is round. RG-01: Rubber gasket pads have good sealedeffect.There are two round rubber pads, with different diameters. RG-02: Full faced flange gasket installed on the machine for buffering mechanical stress. There are five ring rubber gaskets, theyhave different sizes. RG-03: Solid ring rubber gaskets for raised face flange.There are two full faced flange gaskets displayed. RG-04: We offer custom made rubber gaskets. There are several kinds ofrubber gaskets with different shapes. RG-05: Rubber gaskets are usually cut from rubber sheets, and any size or shape can be achieved.There is one round rubber gasket with four holes from fourdirections. RG-06: Full faced gasket has high resistance to abrasion and chemicals. Seven solid silicone gaskets are shown to us, they have different sizes. RG-07: Solid silicone gaskets have widehardness and temperature range.This is an irregular silicone gasket, it has one large hole in the center, and two small hole on two sides. RG-08: The irregular shaped silicone gasket is suitable forsome special applications. Three round rubber gaskets and one square gasket, each one has evenly distributed pores. RG-09: Black rubber gaskets with multi-holes, custom fabrication gaskets areavailable.There are several silicone gaskets in rectangular shape, and each corner has one small hole. RG-10: We offer food grade silicone gaskets. Feature High tensile strength. High resistance toabrasion and thermal shocks. Resistance to oil, acid and alkali. UV and ozone resistance. Extreme temperature resistance. Anti-aging. Compact structure for convenient dismounting. Small frictionresistance. Small order is accepted. Specification Standard material: natural rubber, silicone, neoprene, viton, nitrile, SBR, EPDM. Color: black, red. Size: customization. Application Rubber gasketserves for the industries of chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, acid production, pesticide, chemical fiber, organic synthesis, food and drink, etc. It applies to the joint sealing parts ofdevices such as pipeline, valve, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, condenser, electric generator, air compressor, etc.
    • Rubber Gasket
  • O Rings (500)

    O rings are used to seal liquids or gases against leakage and loss, which work as mechanical seals for every machine requiring fluid containment. The shape of an o ring is akin to that of a doughnutin its mathematical description, from which it derives its name. Furthermore, because of its circular shape, an o ring is well suited for both static or dynamic applications. There are several rubbero rings, they have different diameters. OR-01: Black rubber o-rings.A variety of rubber o rings with different colours and sizes. OR-02: Rubber o rings with various colours. These are some silicone orings with different diameters. OR-03: Silicone o rings are non-toxic, colorless and odorless, and the size is customized.It shows one syringe with needle, silicone o ring is in the position wherethe arrow points. OR-04: Silicone o ring can be used in medical area. Specification Temperature range: -40 °F to +250 °F. Standard color: black. Material type: Nitrile EPDM HNBR Fluorocarbon NeopreneButyl Fluorosilicone Silicone Natural rubber SBR How to select the material? Four points help you make a selection of o ring material. How the unit will operate. Will it be static or dynamic sealing?The media to be sealed: fluid, gas, chemicals, etc. Temperature extremes. Pressure range. How to describe an o ring? There are three crucial dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter, cross section)to measure an o ring when trying to find the right size of o ring. It shows the geometry of an o ring, three dimensions are marked to help you measure an o ring. OR-05: O ring geometry helps describethe dimension. Getting the right hardness. Getting the right hardness is one of the key factors to selecting the right o-ring for your application. It is measured by the Shore A durometer, the higherthe durometer, the harder the compound. Generally, 70 durometer hardness should be used whenever possible, as it offers the best combination of properties for most o ring applications. FeatureO-rings can seal pressure to over 5000 psi in static or dynamic applications. O rings require little room and they are lightweight. In many cases, an o ring can be reused. Not easy to be broken forno critical torque on tightening. Cost effective way to maintain. Wide variety of sizes for choice. Easy to install. Application O-ring applications are categorized by the type of relative motionoccurring between the mating surface. Static applications involve sealing between two mating parts that do not move. Dynamic sealing describes applications where the mating parts are moving inrelation to on another.
    • O Rings
  • Bellow Cover (500)

    Bellow cover, also called flexible organ type guide rail protective cover, is one kind of machine shields. It is made of nylon cloth, plastic cloth fabric or synthetic rubber through folding. Thereis PVC board inside to support the whole structure, so that it can endure high temperature, oil and cooling fluid. It can be fixed in your machine in different ways: internally, externally,vertically and horizontally. The shape and size can be customized as per customers' requirement. For selecting bellow types, it depends on the operating conditions including mechanical and thermalstrain on the bellows, as well as the type of chips and agents present during operation. One machine tool protective cover is displayed. BC-01: Bellow cover for protecting machine tool.It shows oneblack bellow cover with pointed top. BC-02: Bellow cover for protecting guide ways. Two U shape bellow covers, one is packed by green plastic rope, the other is not packed. BC-03: U shaped bellowcovers for protecting machined surfaces from accumulating dirt, chips or debris.The picture shows the rollers inside the bellow cover, which are installed on the plastic frame. BC-04: Bellow coverswith rollers inside. There are three round bellow covers displayed, they have different sizes. BC-05: Round bellow covers in black for protecting lead screws, precision shafts, moving cylinders orother irregular shaped parts.One alien bellow cover placed on the ground. BC-06: Alien bellow cover can be customized at clients' option. There is one tapered bellow cover, it is black. BC-07:Tapered bellow cover.There is one bellow cover with metal plates on the surface. BC-08: Bellow cover with metal plates on the surface. This is one rectangular protective bellow made from rubber.BC-09: Rectangular protective bellow is dust reliability, oil and grease resistance, heat resistance.One rubber disc bellow is displayed, and each rubber disk lies flat on the other. BC-10: Therubber disk bellow is completely leak proof, excellent for pistons and spindles. There is one square bellow cover placed crookedly. BC-11: Square bellow cover with two head flanges.Four bellowcovers, each one is packed by green plastic ropes. BC-12: Bellow cover with special shape. It shows the inside profile of one bellow cover, it is installed with the device that used for stretching.BC-13: Inside metal structure for stretching the bellow when in operation.There is one black curtain bellow displayed on the ground. BC-14: Flat bellow for machine tool, general industrial andmedical use. There is one bellow cover in irregularly oval shape, and it is installed with metal flange at the end. BC-15: Custom tailored option - irregularly oval shaped bellow cover.One bellowcover that is custom tailored. BC-16: We offer customer tailored bellow covers, the shape and size vary with each other based on different applications. Many bellow covers are packed by plastic rope,and they are manual glued. BC-17: Manual glued bellow cover in tapered shape, which is mainly used in camera and optical applications.There is one yellow bellow cover displayed. BC-18: Various colorscould be customized for different applications. It shows the workshop of bellow cover, and one worker is inspecting the production. BC-19: Bellow cover workshop.It shows the blue bellow coverinstalled on the lifting platform. BC-20: Bellow cover is widely used for lifting platform. Features Oil and corrosion resistance. Handiness and good sealing effect. No electric noise. Withstand muchweight on the surface. No metal parts inside the cover, free of loosing parts that damage the machine. Various shapes and sizes for choice. Specification Materials are selected based on theapplication or operating conditions. Common materials include nylon, polyester, synthetic rubber, PVC, PTFE, PUR. Colours vary depending on material choice. Packing methods are required as percustomers' needs. Application Protective bellows serve the areas of machine tools, general industrial, lifting tables, printing machinery, medical, drive protection, positioning, optical, etc.
    • Bellow Cover
  • Rubber Stopper (500)

    Rubber stopper is also called rubber plug. Stoppers are generally made from natural rubber for durability and flexibility, but some are made of synthetic rubber for added resistance to chemicals suchas reagents or solvents that would damage rubber. Rubber plugs come in various shapes and sizes to meet different operation requirements. They provide tight seal that helps prevent spills andevaporation. Some rubber plugs with one or two holes allow glass tubing to be inserted into the container through the plug. All the rubber stoppers are made to order. One seal plug made from rubber,with tapered end. RS-01: Rubber seal plug is used to seal the ends of tubes and the tapered end ensures a snug fit.This is one rubber plug with one hole in the center, and there is threaded body.RS-02: Molded rubber plug is popularly used in auto spare parts, medical and many other applications. Four rubber sealing plugs are displayed, one head is flat and the other is tapered with one hole.RS-03: Rubber sealing plug works as metal tubes stopperSix black rubber sealing stoppers are orderly placed. RS-04: Six rubber sealing stoppers in cylinder shape. Five gray rubber plugs are displayedin the picture. RS-05: Dark gray rubber plugs.There are thirteen black rubber stoppers displayed. RS-06: Black rubber plugs. Several white rubber stoppers are scattered on one table, they have thesame size. RS-07: Rubber stoppers for accessories of printers.Many rubber plugs are scattered in the picture, they have the same size. RS-08: Rubber hollow plugs for ink cartridge. Five excessivepenetration stoppers with same sizes are displayed. RS-09: Excessive penetration stoppers for medical bottles.Five septum stoppers with the color of white and red. RS-10: Sleeve type septum stopperswith a hollow plug and sleeve extension. There are several butyl rubber stoppers displayed on a table. RS-11: Butyl rubber stopper for medical use.Many rubber stoppers are displayed in the picture,some are solid, some have one or two holes. RS-12: Tapered rubber stoppers, some have one or two holes. There are several semi-transparent stoppers for earrings, and one bag of stoppers is displayed.RS-13: Semi-transparent rubber stoppers for earrings and transparent bag packaging for easy transportation. Feature Excellent thermal conductivity. Good insulating properties. Flame, ozone and oxygenresistant. High elongation. High tensile strength. Excellent resistance to weathering and high temperature resistance. Specification Material: butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, natural rubber,chloroprene rubber, hydrogenated butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber, silicone rubber, EPDM rubber. Colour: black, white, transparent color, red, gray, blue, etc. Property: Withstand voltage: 4.0 kV - 10kV. Temperature range: -60 °C to +316 °C. Hardness: 30-80 Shore A. Ductility: 300%. Application Rubber plug is widely used in the industries of medicine, daily necessities, food, cosmetics, mining,chemical engineering, etc. It is used for all kinds of glass bottles, pipes, mechanical engineering.
    • Rubber Stopper
  • Rubber Pad (500)

    Rubber pad is suitable for the isolation of high frequency disturbances. It is placed at the bottom of the object (railway, motor, machine, furniture, washing machine, dryers, etc.) to reduce noise,vibration, and maintenance costs as the elastic mat. Take the railway as an example, the rubber pad takes the advantage of rubber's high elasticity, damping property and insulativity and eases highspeed vibration and shock when train runs across tracks. It protects the subgrade and sleeper, as well as minimizing disturbance to the train signal system. Load capacity may be increased by usingmultiple layers. For optimum isolation, use a metal plate to separate the layers and distribute the weight of the machinery. There is one rubber pad displayed, it has ribs on the surface which formsfour parts crossed. RP-01: Anti-slip rubber pad for isolation of vibration.This is a rubber pad, with wide ribs that run at an angle to each other on either side. RP-02: Rubber pad with ribs on thesurface ensures good grip and anti-vibration property. There is one railway rubber pad shown to us. RP-03: Rubber pad for railway concrete sleeper.One railway pad is displayed, it has two holes indiagonal position. RP-04: Railway pad has various patterns for choice. Three rubber sleeper pads are displayed with invagination groove design. RP-05: Rubber pads with grooved design has greatanti-slip and vibration distribution property.Some workers are inspecting the railway that is under construction, rubber pads are installed above the concrete sleeper. RP-06: Railway rubber padsinstalled above the concrete sleeper in railway. Three pieces of black rubber pads are displayed. RP-07: Black rubber pads can be cut into pieces.One roll of red rubber pad, it is packed by whiteplastic rope. RP-08: Red rubber pad roll. Three rubber pads, black, red and green, all have raised groove design on the surface. RP-09: Rubber pads with three kinds of colors.One green rubber padwith Chinese and English information tip. RP-10: Rubber pad can be painted with information tip. Rubber corner protector It has groove at the position of fixed straps, which prevents the constrictingstraps from damaging the cargo during transport. Main advantages of the rubber backing corner protector include slip proof, shockproof, crashproof, scratch resistant, waterproof, etc. Four rubbercorner protectors are displayed, they have the same design and size. RP-11: Rubber corner protectors are designed to underlay between rope and permanent fixtures to avoid too tight mark.It showsthree rubber corner protectors and one is packed restricted by the strap. RP-12: Rubber corner protector is great for loads requiring extra protection for the cargo. Silicone pad Silicone pad hascertain stretching force, good toughness and excellent insulation. It has properties of pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and tolerance to low temperature. It has stable chemicalproperties, environmental safety without peculiar smell. This is one silicone pad rolled into the shape of a volume. RP-13: We offer silicone pad, we cut at any length, any width.There are twosilicone pads, one is die cut with many square holes. RP-14: Silicone pads has excellent properties so they are suitable for food grade applications. Feature High tensile strength. Good thermalstability. Extreme temperature resistance. Resistant to chemicals. Good buffer performance. Aging resistance. Application Rubber insulation pads are widely used in substation, power plants,laboratory and field charged operation, etc. Storage Rubber pad should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, away from heat source and off the ground. It should be kept away from the influenceof corrosion products to avoid acid, alkali, oil, etc. Do not place it outdoors to avoid direct sunlight.
    • Rubber Pad
  • Dirt-proof Boot (500)

    As one spare part in cars, dirt-proof boot plays an important role in preventing dust from entering the gearbox. Apart from this application, rubber dirt-proof boots are widely used in electronics,electrical appliances, machinery, sports equipment, stationery, automotive and other fields. There is one pair of dirt-proof rubber boots displayed, with threaded body design. DB-01: Black dirt-proofrubber boots for automobiles, motorcycles & industrial areas.Two rubber thread sleeves displayed in the picture. DB-02: Rubber thread sleeves are offered with a variety of customized sizes. Thereis one alien dust-proof boot in black. DB-03: We offer custom made alien dust-proof boot.There is one dust-proof boot designed with threaded body. DB-04: Dust-proof boot for mechanical use. Differentkinds of rubber boots are displayed, with different designs, colours. DB-05: Rubber boots with various designs are available.There are four rubber boots scattered, they have different sizes anddesigns. DB-06: Rubber boots for preventing crush equipment. One rubber boot for gearshift shown, it has threaded body for flexible rotation. DB-07: Automobile gearshift rubber boot is a necessityfor automotive vehicles.The picture shows the driving cab and we can see the rubber boot installed on the gearshift. DB-08: Gearshift rubber boot prevents the dust from entering the parts. Thepicture shows one rear of lift, the black shock boot is installed. DB-09: Shock boot has the function of dustproof, protecting the shock rod from corrosion.It shows one part of motorcycle, and thereis a pair of shock boots installed on the shock absorber. DB-10: Shock boots are the best value to protect the shocks form corrosion, dirt, debris and more. Specification Material: natural rubber,EPDM, NBR, silicone rubber. Color: customization. Package: customization. Feature High temperature resistance. Ozone and chemicals resistance. High load capacity. Tear resistance. Resistance to mostoil and solvent, especially acids, aromatic hydrocarbons and plant oil. Application Dirt-proof boot is commonly used in cars, motorcycles and other machinery. It may be found in other areas likeaerospace, bearings, ball valve, medical, water pump, etc.
    • Dirt-proof Boot
  • Rubber Handles (500)

    Rubber handles are commonly used in our daily life, which are designed to install onto the hand push type machinery. They add comfort to hands and weaken vibration, which brings damage to themachinery. All the rubber handle grips are custom-manufactured products. We work with the materials of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Nine rubber handles are displayed in the picture, theydifferentiate with each other in design. RH-01: We offer various kinds of rubber handles with different signs and colors to meed your requirements.One pair of bicycle handlebar grips is displayed.RH-02: Bicycle handlebar grips are offered in pairs. Three rubber handles are displayed, all of them are very thin and soft. RH-03: Rubber handles are soft and rich in elasticity.There are twentyrubber handles for bicycle, they have different colors but with the same design. RH-04: Colorful rubber bicycle handles are available. There are eight foosball handles displayed regularly, they havethe same size. RH-05: Foosball handles slide easily onto foosball rods with no screws necessary.One pair of rubber handles for foosball table rod, and there is concave spot design on each one. RH-06:The rubber foosball table rod handles feel comfortable and slip-proof. This is a stainless steel window squeegee with rubber grip. RH-07: The window squeegee features an ergonomic rubber gripdesigned for comfort.Ten mountain bike rubber grips are shown, they have the same design but with different colours. RH-08: Mountain bike rubber grips with a variety of colours are offered toclients. Specification Material: natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Colour: customization. Size: made to order. Application Rubber handle grip is for use on bicycles, motorbikes, foosball, scooters,wheelbarrows and other hand push type machinery.
    • Rubber Handles
  • Phenolic Series (500)

    We offer phenolic series to meet different clients' requirement. Phenolic handwheels - Resistant to solvents, oils, grease and other chemical agents. The primary function of handwheels are to delivervia turning action precise adjustments in minute increments if required. Our handwheels are excellent for machining or any situation where precise adjustments are a requirement. One black phenolichandwheel with a handle is shown to us. PS-01: Phenolic handwheel is resistant to high temperature, solvent and common chemicals.There is one black phenolic handwheel with folding wheel. PS-02:Phenolic handwheel with folding handle for operation regulation. This is a phenolic handwheel with double handles, and the two handles have different sizes. PS-03: Custom made product - phenolichandwheel with double handles.There is one black handwheel for milling machine. PS-04: Black handwheel for vertical milling machine and universal milling machine. Phenolic hand knobs in tapped andstud versions have excellent strength and electrical insulating properties. Two to seven arms/lobes are available to meet different requirements. Two phenolic three lobe hand knobs, tapped withmolded in brass insert. PS-05: Tapped phenolic 3 lobe knob with brass insert.This is a phenolic hand knob with four lobes and threaded stud. PS-06: Phenolic hand knob with four lobes ensures positivepalm comfort. Two phenolic knobs in red and black, each one has five lobes. PS-07: 5 lobe phenolic knobs in red and black.There are two phenolic knobs with two colors, each one has six lobes. PS-08:6 lobe phenolic knobs in red and black. There is one phenolic knob with seven lobes. PS-09: 7 lobe phenolic knobs in black.This is a phenolic T-handle hand knob, with rigid steel stud. PS-10:Phenolic T-handle hand knob features a stud made from the highest quality steel. Phenolic ball knobs Comfortable-grip ball knobs are ideal for shift levers, control levers, and push/pull rods.Phenolic plastic provides a hard smooth shiny finish. Molded-in brass or zinc plated insert provides superior thread strength. Resistant to oils and most chemicals. One black phenolic ball knob isshown, with high quality brass insert and high gloss finish. PS-11: Black phenolic ball knob in black with brass insert.Four phenolic ball knobs are displayed, two are red, one is black and one isblue. PS-12: Phenolic ball knobs with the color of red and black. There is one ball knob in black, it has female thread with zinc plated steel insert. PS-13: Black phenolic ball knob with zinc platedsteel insert.Four oval phenolic ball knobs are shown, with zinc plated steel insert or brass insert. PS-14: Black oval phenolic ball knobs with zinc plated steel insert or brass insert. Phenoliccaster wheels are molded from prime phenolic resin compounds for maximum density and strength. They are designed for a high load rating without damaging floors in intermittent service. Resistant togrease, oil and most chemicals. One phenolic caster wheel in black. PS-15: Phenolic wheel is molded from prime phenolic resin compounds for maximum density and strength.There is one rigid phenoliccaster shown, one wheel installed with metal frame. PS-16: Rigid phenolic casters serve for food service, heavy equipment, factory and other applications. This is a phenolic caster with factoryinstalled footbrake. PS-17: Easy rolling phenolic wheel protects floors and resists shock, water and oil. Feature Phenolic material has excellent strength and electrical insulating properties. Hightemperature resistance up to 150 °C. Custom parts are available to meet different requirements. Areas for application use: portable tools, machine shift levers on machine tools, bakery equipment,factory uses, heavy equipment.
    • Phenolic Series


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