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Select Rock Post & Hardware, Save Your Time & Money For over 30 years, Rock Post & Hardware Co., Ltd. has been in post manufacturing industry and distributing related post mountinghardware. During that period, our R&D team has always been improving the products to better suit the market requirements. Our culture is to make difference but more-effective and save customers'budget. We provide a complete range of sign posts and related mounting accessories, including U-channel sign post, square post, pipe post as well as step-in electric fence post, pigtail post and Tstudded post for temporary fencing and vineyard posts. The reason you choose us as your partner: We're a reliable factory in China. Make sure the delivery time and quality. We can't promise you thelowest price but the best price for the quality. Our staff has always been focus on improving the products to better suit different uses. We can provide technical support in installation andselection. Rock Post & Hardware Co., Ltd. has been seeking cooperation with distributors and agents abroad and exploit the markets. Contact us for cooperation details. Steel sign posts andstep-in T studded post and pigtail post.
  • Light Duty U Channel Sign Post (500)

    1.12 lb/ft light-duty U-channel sign posts is ideal for temporary uses and common applications such as parking lots. Green or black enamel finish or hot-dip galvanization protects the U-channelmounting sign post from weather and rain corrosion. 3/8 inch diameter pre-drilled holes spacing 1 inch on center throughout full length for easy mounting of signs. Tapered end is designed for fastand easy installation. 8' light-duty U-channel steel sign post is the most popular length and frequently used in breakaway U-channel post system. Manual post driver is a necessary tool of U-channelpost installation. A whole set of mounting hardware is also supplied. NOTE: 24" to 36" of U channel steel sign post will be underground besides "break-away" post system. 1.12 lb/ft baked enamel greenlight-duty U-channel sign post. LUP-01: 1.12lb/ft U-channel steel sign post.1.12 lb/ft light-duty U-channel sign post drawing. LUP-02: Light-duty U-channel post drawing. Product description: Item:Light duty U channel steel sign post. Material: meets ASTM A1011 Grade 50, ASTM A-653. Weight: 1.12lb. per foot. Gauge: 14. Length: 4', 5', 6', 7' and 8'. Hole diameter: 3/8 inch. Hole spacing: 1inch. Finish: galvanized or baked enamel green. Applications: Ideal for property or parking signs as well as temporary signs. Not available for supporting heavier signs in high winds or permanentuses. Features & benefits: Tapered end for easy digging into ground. Easy installation without digging holes previously. Baked enamel green or black for rust resistance. Hot-dip galvanizationalso resist rust corrosion. Durable for years. Most economical sign posts. Green u-channel parking sign post. LUP-03: U-channel parking sign post.
    • Light Duty U Channel Sign Post
  • Heavy Duty U Channel Sign Post (500)

    2.0 lb/ft heavy-duty channel steel sign posts are used to support various traffic, roadway, directional, street name and official signs. Ribbed back design allows sign mounting on both sides of thepost - the front side and the back side. Manufactured by high carbon steel, it is as much as 25% stronger than common U-channel steel. Our u-channel steel sign mounting post comes with hot-dipgalvanized or baked enamel finish - black or green to fight against corrosion and improve durability. Compared with 1.12 lb/ft light-duty u-channel post, 2.0 lb/ft U-channel post does better job insupporting heavier signs in windy weather. NOTE: 24" to 36" of U channel steel sign post will be underground besides "break-away" post system. Ribbed back heavy-duty U-channel sign post for trafficsign. HCP-01: Heavy-duty U-channel Sign Post.2.0 lb/ft U-channel post drawing and specification. HCP-02: 2.0 lb/ft heavy-duty U-channel post specification. Product description: Item: Heavy duty Uchannel steel sign post. Weight: 2 lb. per foot. Gauge: 11. Length: 7', 8', 9', 10', 11' and 12'. Hole diameter: 3/8 inch. Hole spacing: 1 inch. Finish: galvanized or baked enamel green or black.Applications: Ideal for permanent installation of traffic signs. Features & benefits: Baked enamel finish for rust protection. Tapered on one end for easy installation. Ribbed back for front orback sign mounting. Ideal for permanent applications. Post driver makes installation easily. 3/8 inch diameter holes spacing 1 inch on center throughout full length for easy mounting of signs. Moreeconomical than square or pipe sign post. Green U-channel street traffic sign post. HCP-03: U-channel post.U-channel post packaged by steel strips. HCP-04: Heavy-duty U-channel Post packaged by steelstrip.
    • Heavy Duty U Channel Sign Post
  • Super Heavy Duty U Channel Sign Post (500)

    Super heavy duty U-channel sign post comes with 10 gauge steel U-channel, stronger than heavy-duty U-channel post. It often replaces square post or round pipe post for its strength, economical costas well as easier installation. Hot-dip galvanized or baked-on enamel finish protects the post from rain and weathers corrosion. Tapered on one end makes the drilling into ground easy and save yourtime and energy. Ribbed back design allows for front and back sign mounting. Holes of 3/8" diameter with 1" space on center full length for sign mounting on any height. 3.0 lb/ft U-channel sign postis suitable for breakaway U-channel system. A whole set of sign mounting hardware is also supplied. Apart from the hardware, manual U-channel post driver is provided. NOTE: 24" to 36" of U channelsteel sign post will be underground besides "break-away" post system. Galvanized 3.0 lb/ft super heavy duty U-channel sign mounting post. SDP-01: Galvanized super duty U-channel post.Super heavyU-channel post drawing and specifications. SDP-02: Super heavy duty U-channel post specification. Product description: Item: Super heavy duty U channel steel sign post. Material: meets ASTM A1011Grade 50, ASTM A-653. Weight: 3 lb. per foot. Gauge: 10. Length: 7', 8', 9', 10', 11' and 12'. Hole diameter: 3/8 inch. Hole spacing: 1 inch. Finish: galvanized or baked enamel green. Applications:ideal for permanent sign mounting applications. Features & benefits: 10 gauge U-channel post for great strength. Galvanized or baked enamel for rust protection and durability. Economicalalternative for traffic sign post. Easy installation without previous holes. Tapered on one end save installation time. Green U-channel post with a traffic sign on the top. SDP-03: Roadway U-channelPost.U-channel post attached to a surface plate. SDP-04: Movable U-channel sign post.
    • Super Heavy Duty U Channel Sign Post
  • Square Sign Post (500)

    Square sign post features exceptional torsional stability and telescoping ability, and is extensively used in permanent sign applications including traffic signs. This square tubular sign posts areavailable with two types - perforated holes on four sides throughout full length and non-perforated square tubing with 7/16" knockouts, 1" from the bottom on the center on all four sides. Square signpost ideal for permanent or heavy duty fields. SSP-01: Galvanized square sign post.Non-perforated square tubing post with 7/16 inch knockouts, 1 inch from the bottom on the center on all four sides.SSP-02: Non-perforated square tubing post with bottom for installation easier. Pre-punched holes of square tubing sign post have very close tolerances, permitting smaller tubular sections into nextlarger sections smoothly and snugly. Hence, telescoping sign post gives numerous assembly because of telescoping ability. 7/16" holes are placed 1" on center throughout full length of four sides,allowing signs to be mounted back to back on all four sides at any height. In addition, square tubular telescoping posts can be used alone or with a 3 foot post base or surface base plate to create abreakaway system. In this way, the true length of sign post above ground would equal with the length of the post. A telescoping square post system consists of four posts. SSP-03: Telescoping squareposts.Square post breakaway system with concrete base plate. SSP-04: Square post breakaway system. Product description: Item: Square sign post. Section: 1-3/4" × 1-3/4" & 2" × 2". Hole diameter:7/16". Hole spacing: 1" on center throughout full length. Steel gauge: 14. Length: 8', 10' and 12'. Material: meets ASTM A1011 Grade 50, ASTM A-653. Surface finish: hot-dip galvanized or zinc-ironalloy-coated. Features & benefits: 7/16" pre-punched holes on 1" centers. Mount signs back to back on all four sides. Finished posts are straight and have smooth and uniform finish. All holes andends are free from burrs. Excellent corrosion-resistance. Available for breakaway sign posts for easy installation. 1-3/4" tube with medium 24" × 24" signs. 2" tube with larger 30" × 30" signs. 8 ftis the most popular alternative. Traffic square post supporting larger sign board. SSP-05: Non-perforated square sign post.There is one square sign post on the road, which support one sign - STOP.SSP-06: Galvanized roadway square sign post for directing the way.
    • Square Sign Post
  • Round Pipe Sign Post (500)

    Round pipe post is another low-cost sign post and extensively used in supporting street or traffic signs at any desired height and angle. 2 3/8" outside diameter suits for most mounting hardware.Sign panels are either bolted directly through the post or clamped to the outside of the post. Hot-dip galvanized finish resists rust and weathers corrosion. However, round sign post should befield-drilled or used special clamps to attach signs. Galvanized round sign post. RPP-01: Round pipe sign post.Traffic pipe sign most along a highway. RPP-02: Breakaway traffic pipe post. Productdescription: Item: Round pipe sign post. Material: meets ASTM A1011 Grade 50, ASTM A-653. Steel gauge: 14 & 16. Pipe diameter: 2-3/8". Height: 5 to 12 ft. Finish: hot-dip galvanized. Hardware:mounting brackets, rain cap, surface plate, post to plate hardware. Features & benefits: Galvanized finish protecting rust and weathers corrosion. 2-3/8" round pipe post available for most signsmounting. A whole set of mounting hardware supplied. Sign panels installed at any height with any angle. Low cost.
    • Round Pipe Sign Post
  • Breakaway U-channel Post Anchor (500)

    Lap splice breakaway U-channel posts are frequently used as street sign post. Breakaway U-channel sign support is perfect for busy intersections. Once top post is broken by an accident or hugeimpact, the broken one will be replaced by a quality one just by unscrewing the hardware without digging holes again. U-channel anchor post can be reused for many times. 8 ft top post oftenaccompanies with 3 ft anchor post. Top post and post anchor are sold separately. U-channel breakaway system contains a top post, base anchor post and hardware. Hot-dip galvanized coating or baked-ongreen or black enamel coating protects the post system from corrosion and improve durability. Except lap splice post, concrete mounting base is also use in U-channel breakaway system. It can be usedas permanent post anchor or movable base. You can find it in U-channel sign post hardware. NOTE: The height of base anchor post above ground should be no more than 4 inch and the hardware forattaching should be spaced 4 inch. Green breakaway U-channel post construction and hardware. BUC-01: Breakaway U-channel Post and Hardware. Product description: Item: Breakaway U-channel base post.Material: meets ASTM A1011 Grade 50, ASTM A-653. Length: 3 ft. Weight: 2 lb/ft. Finish: galvanized or green enamel. Kits: Including a 3 ft base, baked enamel or galvanized upright post and relevanthardware. Hardware Description: Hardware includes: 2 bolts and locking nuts. 2 washers. 4 square spacer nuts. Only for lap splice U-channel breakaway post. Features & benefits: Upon impact, thetop post breakaway and replace the post without digging a hole. Base post can be re-used after top post breakaway. Quick installation save time and money. Galvanized or baked enamel coating resistsrust and weather corrosion. Economical cost & durable.
    • Breakaway U-channel Post Anchor
  • U Channel Sign Post Hardware (500)

    U channel sign post, including 1.12 lb/ft, 2 lb/ft and 3 lb/ft, has a wide applications - from temporary to permanent uses. It features simple installation, very economical cost and durability. Awhole set of hardware including mounting screw, street name sign brackets, u channel post base, for u-channel post sign mounting is supplied. If you don't find the hardware you need, just contact usfor help. U-channel 90 degree street name sign brackets 90 degree street name bracket for U channel sign post. UPH-01: 90 degree U-channel post street name bracket. Description: Item: 90 degreeU-channel post street name bracket. Blade slot length: 5.5 inch. Material: aluminum. Provide 5/16" set screws for mounting sign to bracket. Include two 5/16 × 5/8'' Hex bolts for sign installing.Application: install street name signs. U-channel 180 degree street name sign brackets - Sign sits parallel 180 degrees Aluminum cast 180 degree U channel post street name bracket. UPH-02: 180 degreeU-channel post street name bracket. Description: Item: 180 degree U-channel post street name bracket. Blade slot length: 5.5 inch. Material: aluminum. Provide 5/16" set screws for mounting sign tobracket. Include two 5/16 × 5/8'' Hex bolts for sign installing. Application: install street name signs. Aluminum U-channel Post Mounting Base Description: Item: Aluminum post mounting base.Material: cast aluminum. Diameter: 15 inch. Available for 2 lb/ft U-channel post, square posts or 2-3/8 inch round posts. Including two sets of 2.5 inch long bolts and two nuts. Application: mountedpermanently to a concrete or temporary signs. U-channel post flat concrete mounting base. UPH-03: U-channel aluminum mounting base.Movable U-channel sign post and base. UPH-04: Movable U-channelparking sign. Mounting screw and nut: U-channel post mounting screw and nut. UPH-05: Mounting screw and nut. Description: Item: U-channel sign post mounting hardware. Material: galvanized steel.Size: 2.5" x 5/16".
    • U Channel Sign Post Hardware
  • U Channel Manual Post Driver (500)

    When install U channel sign post, manual post drivers will save you a lot of time and energy. This post driver helps you install the posts (including U-channel post, square post and round post)correctly without digging holes. There are two models of post drivers provided - HP for heavy-duty U channel sign post and LP for light-duty U-channel post. How to use manual post driver? Step 1.Slide the post driver over the sign post. Step 2. Stand the drive and the post upright. Step 3. Pick up the driver and drop it. step 4. Stop until reach the depth needed. Heavy duty post driver foru-channel, square and round sign post. MPD-01: Heavy duty manual post driver. Heavy duty manual post driver description: Length: 65". Barrel ID: 3-1/4". Application: up to 3 lb. u-channel, round andsquare posts. One person can drive the post up to 12'. Light-duty yellow baked-on post driver for u-channel, square and round post. MPD-02: Light-duty post driver. Light-duty post driver description:Length: 30". Barrel ID: 2-1/2". Finish: Yellow coating. Other color is available. Application: 1.12 lb. u-channel, round and square posts. Heavy duty black post driver. MPD-03: Black manual postdriver. Manual post driver description: Length: 30". Barrel ID: 4". Finish: black. Application: ideal for driving traffic signs and utility signage.
    • U Channel Manual Post Driver
  • Breakaway Square Sign Post (500)

    Breakaway square sign post system is much more popular than a direct embedded square post. It includes a top post, base anchor post and related hardware. The base post anchor can be reused when thetop post is broke away by an accident or huge impact and the replacement is quick and easy. There are two types - single anchor square post and two-piece sleeve breakaway post. Depending on practicalexperience, two-piece breakaway square post does better job in bearing impact and durability. Click here for breakaway post installation. Breakaway square sign post system contains top post, baseanchor and hardware. BSA-01: Breakaway square sign post.Breakaway square sign post diagram. BSA-02: Single anchor breakaway square post diagram. Product description: Item: Square sign post anchor.Material: meets ASTM A1011 Grade 50, ASTM A-653. Steel gauge: 14. Section size: 2" or 2-1/4". Hole diameter: 7/16". Hole spacing: 1". Height: 3 ft. Finish: hot-dip galvanized. Breakaway square postsleeve Square post sleeve add anchor post wall thickness. BSA-03: Breakaway square post sleeve. Product description: Item: Square post sleeve. Material: meets ASTM A1011 Grade 50, ASTM A-653. Size: 21/4" × 2 1/4". Height: 18". Finish: hot-dip galvanized. Breakaway square post mounting hardware Square post to base anchor or base plate hardware. BSA-04: Hardware of square post to base anchor orplate. It is the mounting hardware of post to base anchor or base plate. Including: 1 × 5/16" × 3" bolts. 1 × 5/16" nuts. 1 × 5/16" washers. Square post surface mount base plates Galvanized squarepost concrete surface base plate. BSA-05: Square post surface base plate. Square post surface concrete mount base plates makes the sign posts installation without coring out concrete. Itsignificantly reduce time and energy. Besides, it can also be movable square post base without screwing into concrete. Description: Item: Square post flat base. Material: meets ASTM A1011 Grade 50,ASTM A-653. Size: 2" × 2" or 2 1/4" × 2 1/4". Hole diameter: 7/16". Finish: hot-dip galvanized coating. Hardware: base to concrete and post to base supplied separately. Hardware of surface plate topost Square post hardware base plate to concrete. BSA-06: Anchor of base plate to concrete. It is the hardware of post base plate to concrete. Including: four anchors.
    • Breakaway Square Sign Post
  • Square Sign Post Hardware (500)

    Square sign post is perfect for heavy street signs or traffic signs mounting. Compared with heavy-duty U-channel post, square sign support has higher strength and stability except a little highercost. A whole set of mounting hardware is supplied along with square post. This will save your time and money to purchase from other vendor. Square sign post mounting hardware consists of mountingscrew and nut, corner bolt, drive rivets, pyramid cap and sign brackets. Corner bolt & nut Aluminum corner bolt for square post. SQH-01: Corner bolt used to attach a sign to square tubing post.Description: Use: attach parking and street signs to square sign posts. Mount one street name sign generally needs two bolts - 1-3/4" × 2" × 2-1/4". Aluminum drive rivets Aluminum square post driverivets for sign mounting. SQH-02: Aluminum drive rivets. Description: Use: attach parking and street signs to square sign posts. Two rivets are required to install one street sign. Installation:First, insert the rivet into the mounting holes. Second, hit the hammer and the rivet will be fastened the sign to the post. Pyramid cap for square posts Pyramid rain cap for square posts. SQH-03:Pyramid rain cap for square post. Description: Available in two sides - 1 3/4" or 2" square posts. Square post street sign brackets Cast aluminum square post sign brackets. SQH-04: Square post streetsign bracket. Description: Item: square post street sign brackets. Material: aluminum. Slot length: 5 1/2" or 12". Slot width: 1/4". NOTE: Square post brackets with 5 1/2" are suitable for 6" tallstreet name sign, while 12" long slots for taller than 9" street name sign. Sign mounting screw and nut Sign mounting screw and nut for square post. SQH-05: Sign mounting screw and nut. Description:Size: 5/16" × 2.5". Include: slotted truss head machine screw and hex nut. Finish: galvanized. Use: mounting traffic signs & street signs to u-channel or square sign posts. Square post signhardware Sign to square or round post hardware. SQH-06: Sign to post hardware. It's the sign to post mounting hardware for square post 2" and 1 3/4" or round post with diameter 2 3/8". Including? 2 ×5/16" × 3" bolts. 2 × 5/16" nuts. 2 × 5/16" washers.
    • Square Sign Post Hardware
  • Round Pipe Sign Post Hardware (500)

    Round post is also a frequently used sign support because of its low cost, durability and multiple uses. Street or traffic signs can be attached to pipe post at any angle and any height. A wholeseries of hardware makes sign to post installation easy and functional. Sign brackets, mounting brackets - single or double, rain cap, mounting hardware and base plate are provided. If you have otherspecial needs, just contact us for further more information. Round post street name sign bracket Aluminum pipe post street name sign brackets. RPH-01: Round pipe post sign bracket. Description: Item:Round pipe street name sign bracket. Material: cast aluminum. Designed for 2-3/8" round sign post. Type: flat blade. Includes six 5/16" set screws for signs mounting. Single side pipe post mountingbrackets Single side pipe post street sign bracket with hardware. RPH-02: Single side pipe post street sign mounting bracket. Single side street sign mounting bracket is suitable for round pipe postand square post street sign mounting. 4-1/2" sign support and ribs increase clamping pressure. Description: Item: Round pipe sign mounting bracket. Material: aluminum. Application: 2-3/8" pipe signposts, 1-3/4" & 2" square posts. Double side pipe post street sign mounting brackets Double side post sign mounting bracket. RPH-03: Double side pipe post sign mounting brackets. Description:Item: Double side sign mounting brackets. Material: aluminum. Includes (2) 5/16 × 1-3/4" Bolt/Nut Sets, (4) 5/16 × 5/8" Bolt/Nut Sets. Use: 2-3/8" pipe sign posts, 1-3/4" & 2" square posts. Roundcap Rain cap for round sign post. RPH-04: Round rain cap. Description: Item: round cap. Material: aluminum. Use: covers the top of a 2-3/8" round pipe sign post. Round post mounting hardware (sign topost) Street or traffic sign to round post mounting accessories. RPH-05: Sign to round post mounting hardware. Include: 2 × 5/16" × 2 1/2" bolts. 2 × 5/16" nuts. 2 × 5/16" washers. Round post flatmount base plates Round sign post surface concrete mounting plate. RPH-06: Round pipe surface mount base plate. Round sign post surface mount base plate makes the post installation easily andquickly. 1 7/8" and 2 3/8" are provided. Description: Item: Round post surface mount base plate. Material: Galvanized steel. Outside diameter: 1 7/8" and 2 3/8". Accessories: 4 anchors.
    • Round Pipe Sign Post Hardware
  • Pigtail Post (500)

    Pigtail post is made of a powder-coated mild steel spike with insulated loop on top and welded foot step at the end. Insulated loop makes wire insertion simple and quick. The wire will be steel wire,aluminum wire, poly wire , poly tape and poly rope up to 1 1/2" wide. The welded foot step help the worker insert the post into the soil quickly and easily. At the same time, the foot step hold thepost securely in the ground. Wet the soil before step pigtail post into the ground will make the process smooth. A white pigtail post lying on the ground. PP-01: White pigtail post. Thanks to its lowcost, easy installation and durability, pigtail post is widely used in temporary electric fence and farm and pasture grazing. Product description: Item: pigtail post. Height: 35", 39" & 45".Diameter: 5/16". Material: painted mild steel. Application: ideal for temporary electric fence and farm and pasture grazing. Features & benefits: Easy to carry and quick to step-in the soil. Lowcost & durable. UV stabilized plastic for effective insulation. PVC coating - white, yellow, orange or as desired, for visibility. A poly rope pass through white pigtail post. PP-02: Pasturepigtail post.Red pigtail post as markers. PP-03: Red pigtail post.
    • Pigtail Post
  • Vineyard Steel Post (500)

    Vineyard posts have been used in vineyards and orchards for decades. They are used to support vineyard trellis netting. Steel vineyard post is manufactured by high tech production process. Theirmultiple-rib profile increases twist resistance and stability. Open structure provides good ventilation and avoids condensation in the lower part. Hot-dip galvanized coating resist rust and weathercorrosion. "H" or "U" notches with 6" increments (at 39.5" from the end) for easy wire installation without clips. Steel gauge for vineyard trellis post is 12 and 13. The heavier duty 12 gauge postfor trellis systems which should fight against high wind and bear heavy load. Hence, steel vineyard post is replacing traditional wooden post because of its durable and effectiveness. Note: A typicalinstallation will put 2' in the ground for 6' above ground. Galvanized vineyard post wit H hooks. VP-01: Vineyard post with H hooks.Vineyard trellis post with VP-02: Vineyard trellis post.Grapetrellis post make trellis easy. VP-03: Grape trellis post. Product description: Item: Vineyard steel post. Material: high strength steel. Length: 8 feet or desired length. Steel gauge: 12 & 13.Features & benefits: Multiple-rib profile increases twist resistance. Hot-dip galvanized coating resists corrosion and ensure a long life time. Open structure for a good ventilation. Bearing moreside load than traditional stake. Spacing between two neighboring posts is larger.
    • Vineyard Steel Post
  • T Studded Post (500)

    Durable T studded post provides outstanding strength and versatile uses. They can support fencing on farm, job site, home, garden, lawn and other terrains. Under the help of post driver, tee post canbe easily driven into any terrain saving time and money. Even distributed stud hold the fence securely and clips are also supplied. Oven baked enamel resist rust from weathers and rain. Hence,studded T post is an effective fence post. Green T-studded post with reflective white tip. TSP-01: T studded post. NOTE: 1-1/2' to 2' should be placed under the ground. Product description: Item: Tstudded post. Material: high strength steel. Height: 5', 6', 7', 8', 10'. Weight: 1.25 lb/ft or 1.33 lb/ft. Finish: Green enamel paint with reflective white tip. Package: 10 pieces/bundle, 50bundles/pallet. Hardware: galvanized steel clips included. Features & benefits: Green post with white tip. Even stud distribution. Angled stud hold the fence against the post. Large anchor plateprovides stability. Baked enamel persists rust. 5 clips included. Post clip Galvanized T studded post clip. TSP-02: T studded post clip. Description: Material: 11 gauge wire. Finish: hot-dipgalvanized. Use: clip for 1.25 and 1.33 lb/ft Tee studded post. Note: not for electric fence. Use a clip fasten the wire to the T studded post TSP-03: T-studded post & clipGreen baked enamel Tstudded post TSP-04: Tee studded post package Step-in T-studded post for temporary fencing on farm TSP-05: T studded post for temporary fencing
    • T Studded Post


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