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Choose us, you will get rigid and long life high security fencing High security fencing offered by Anping Mengke Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Limited is an economical way to protect any object with thehighest security requirements. Mengke company engaged in supply and installation of professional safety fencing systems. We have been install metal fences barriers over 12 years. 358 mesh fencing isone of our featured products. In order to increase the security properties, Mengke company also manufactures razor barbed wire, which mounted on 358 welded mesh panels forms more security fencingbarrier. Our high security fence are recommended for jails, train stations, military facilities, airport, computer centers, warehouses, distribution centers, power plants, and laboratories. Inaddition to 358 mesh and razor barbed wire, We also manufacture paladin fencing, double wire fence, palisade fencing, and top roll fencing, fence posts and clips. All of our metal fencing meet moderntechnical requirements, are easy to be mounted with high protective qualities. Our fences have a long life with a ten year guarantee. High security fences are stored and delivered on wooden pallets.Packaged in plastic film and firmly attached to the pallet with a special tape. Many of our high-profile clients have chosen us as their preferred supplier to supply and install fencing where maximumand medium security fencing was required. During the work of our fences have proven reliability and durability. Choose us, you will get high security fencing with the features of low cost, quickinstallation, high degree of corrosion protection, modern look and long life. We are open for cooperation and will be happy to work with private customers and large company, even national governmentagencies. Contact us, our specialists will help you select the right fencing and calculate the cost of the fence barrier.
  • Anti Climb Fence (500)

    Anti climb fence is a much more secure barrier than the common 358 mesh fence. It has the same wire thickness as 358 fence, but the size of mesh opening pattern is smaller. The intruder can not climbup with fingers and toes, and conventional bolts or wire-cutters have no way to cut the anti climb fencing. Anti-climbing fence has more rigid double vertical wire welding structure, which makes itdifficult to cross. Anti-climb rigid mesh fencing has the advantages of anti-climbing, anti-cutting, anti-corrosion, and good viewing visibility. Combined with the fence top of razor barbed wire,security fence spikes, or tooth spikes, it becomes a ideal high-security fencing for high-end applications , such as, prisons, military and power facilities.
    • Anti Climb Fence
  • Clear View Fencing (500)

    Clear View Fencing is a type of security welded wire mesh fence barrier designed to bring maximum perimeter protection and excellent visibility through the mesh. V-Bends in the clear view fencepanels create strength and rigidity. As a high security barrier, clear view security fencing forms a physical and psychological deterrent to unauthorized entry and break-ins. Our high density meshclear view Fencing is the most common perimeter barrier or control for architectural profession and defense protection. We design three style standard fence panels according to different securegrade: high security, medium security, and low security.
  • 3D Welded Security Fence (500)

    3D curved security welded anti-climbing and anti-cutting fence barrier, is a most secure and most attractive fencing solutions. The security fencing with bends will give your building and area a longlasting secure perimeter protection with attractive appearance. Similar to 358 mesh fence, 3D curved fencing is commonly used in prisons, military sites, airports, and other place. This type securitywelded fencing can be installed on flat area or slope. And it is popular used in USA, United Kingdom, Australia, India, South Africa, Canada, Malaysia, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, andso on. 3D curved security welded fence panels width is 2,515 m, and fencing height can be from 2.0 m to 6.0 m. Generally, 3.60 m height security fence is used in schools, parks, leisure andrecreational areas, 5.20/6.0 m height fence widely used in prison and military establishments.
    • 3D Welded Security Fence
  • Mini Mesh Chain Link Fencing (500)

    High security chain link mini mesh fencing system is a heavy duty, tightly woven chain-link fabric fencing with small mesh openings (1/4" - 1"). Due to the heavy duty wire and small mesh, mini meshcan't be easily crawled under, and virtually impossible to cut with bolt cutters. It is extremely difficult for intruders and unwanted animals to entry your mini mesh fenced area. So, chain link minimesh is an impenetrable high defense barrier between your property and intruders, keeping your lovely family and property safe. Mini mesh fence system is the perfect high security fencing solutionfrom highways, bridges, heavy industry to prisons and military application.
    • Mini Mesh Chain Link Fencing
  • Expanded Metal Security Fence (500)

    Expanded metal security fence or barrier systems for applications on new or retrofit fences for commercial, industrial, governmental or institutional facilities as applicable to homeland security, orwhere the possibility of malevolent incursion is significant. We can also design a site specific expanded metal physical security perimeter highway barriers or portable barriers. But this type ofexpanded metal fence system is not recommended for residential or public recreational facilities such as pools, schools, and kindergartens.
    • Expanded Metal Security Fence
  • Anti-intruder Fence (500)

    Anti-intruder fence is designed for situations that requires a higher level of protection like factory, airport. We supply two types of anti-intruder fences: chain link fence and welded wire meshfence. Despite of different workmanship, these two fence panels are both produced at least 2.4 m in height and compatible with barbed wire, razor barbed wire to prevent intruders from entering. ChainLink Fence Our anti-intruder chain link fence panel is made of mild steel wire with 40 mm or 50 mm mesh openings. The width of the mesh shall be 2.4 m, if it is not to be buried, or 2.7 m if it is tobe buried. To make an anti-intruder fence, chain link mesh panels are joined by interweaving a spiral and restoring the knuckle or barb. On account of chain link panels' specific workmanship, severaltypes of wires is needed: line wire, stirrup wire and tying wire. Line wire is used to across the entire panel horizontally and linked together with posts at the ends. For 2.4 m height fence, 5 rowsof line wires are necessary, the top row of wires shall be double and secured not more than 50 mm below the top of the chain link mesh. Stirrup wire is used for securing line wires to intermediateposts. Tying wire is used for securing mesh to line wires. To fix our chain link fence panel, concrete, steel and wooden posts could all be used. We can only offer steel posts with well-suited holesbut not wooden or concrete posts in consideration of transportation and costing. Posts to match 2.4 m height fence should be not less than 3.2 m. We can provide two types of posts: normal mesh fixedposts and heavy duty mesh fixed posts. Intermediate posts, straining posts and struts are supplied separately in our company.
    • Anti-intruder Fence


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