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China Welded Wire Fence Supplier Gains Your Trust by Quality & Price Master Welded Wire Fence Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 as a manufacturer and exporter of welded wire fence, securityfence, fence toppings and livestock panels in China. For over 30 years, we have been dedicated to serving our customers of USA, Europe, South Asia and other regions and countries. Since itsfoundation, our company has taken great pride in our commitment to be a one-source manufacturer specializing in perimeter fencing for residential, commercial and security applications. How We GainYour Trust? Master is committed to doing business differently and honestly. Not only by providing one-stop fencing products to customers, but also serve our customers by delivering the properproducts at right price, at right time and at right quality. Once cooperate with our company, you will receive prompt responses about any problem you are concerning. How can We Guarantee ProductQuality? Quality is a very important factor when select a fence for your property. It will affects the durability, appearance as well as the strength. We don't provide the products at the lowestprice with the lest quality. We provide high quality products at reasonable price. Our products can be strictly manufactured according to ASTM, BSI or AS standards or custom standards. When come towelded wire fence and livestock panels, Master is your prime source. A picture shows detail, fabrication, test, company and office of our company.
  • 358 High Security Fence (200)

    358 High Security Perimeter Mesh Keep You Safe The spacing between horizontal wires of 358 security mesh is smaller than a man's finger. 358HS-01: Finger-proof anti-climbing 358 mesh. Are you lookingfor an high security perimeter fencing for your property? 358 high security fence is the right solution. The mesh aperture of 76.2 mm × 12.7 mm fabricated by 4 mm diameter steel wire makes itextremely hard to cut by conventional hand tools. This finger-proof aperture ensures superior anti-climbing while maintaining a clear lever of sight through the horizontal aperture. Available in GAW(Galvanized After Welding) and vinyl-coated in black, green or custom color. Product description: Item: 358 high security fence. Wire gauge: 8. Wire diameter: 4 mm. Spacing cross wire: 0.5 in. (12.7mm). Spacing vertical wire: 3 in. (76.2 mm). Panel width: 2400 mm. Panel height: 1800 to 3600 mm. Tensile strength: 500 - 550 MPa. Finish: hot-dip galvanized or powder-coated. Accessories: 40 × 6 mmflat bar clamp, galvanized M8 cup head bolts. Fencing top: barbed wire or razor wire. Post: RHS post or H post. Applications: prison security, airports, electric substations, railway stabling yards,etc. Features & benefits: Maximum security for perimeter fencing. 4 mm diameter steel wire hard to cut with common hand tools. Finger-proof mesh aperture ensuring anti-climb. Maintain a clearsight through horizontal aperture. Galvanized after welding for best rust resistance. Typical applications: Prison security fencing. Walkway security fencing. Airport security fencing. Hospitalsecurity fencing. Pedestrian bridge screens. Animal enclosure. 358 security perimeter fence around residential area for protection from thefts. 358HS-02: 2500 mm high 358 security fence. Blackvinyl-coated 358 high security fence resist any climbing. 358HS-03: 358 railway security fence combined with top concertina wire. 358 security fence suitable for long boundary barriers. 358HS-04: 358security mesh suitable for any terrain.
    • 358 High Security Fence
  • Heavy-duty 358 Security Fence (500)

    Compared with 358 high security fence, heavy-duty 358 security fence (HD 358 security fence) uses unique double vertical wires for more strength while maintaining clear see through the horizontalaperture in any angle. The double vertical wire design offers outstanding resistance against vandalism, intruders and wind resistance. Apart from superior double vertical design, HD 358 securityfence shares all the benefits of common 358 security fence. Finger/toe-proof aperture with 4 mm steel wire provides a rigid barrier that is difficult to climb and attack. Practically speaking, it isimpossible to cut the wires using conventional tools. Available in GAW or vinyl-coating in black and green.
    • Heavy-duty 358 Security Fence
  • 338 High Security Fence (500)

    338 high security fence is an upgraded version of 358 high security mesh. Their difference lies in smaller cross wire spacing. 4 mm steel wire combined with 76.2 mm × 10 mm aperture makes the fenceimpossible to climb and penetrate. That is the reason why it is used for applications where safety and restriction is of extreme importance. Available in GAW (Galvanized After Welding) or PVC-coatingin black or green color.
    • 338 High Security Fence
  • 3510 Security Fence (500)

    3510 security welded mesh fence, although manufactured from 3 mm diameter steel wire instead of 4 mm as 358 security mesh, still has a lot of attributes of 358 mesh. The attributes includefinger/toe-proof aperture, anti-climbing and hard to cut by conventional hand tools. 3 mm steel wire allows better visibility. What is more, 3510 security fence is more economical than 358 fence.Available in GAW (Galvanized After Welding) or vinyl-coating in black or green color.
    • 3510 Security Fence
  • Double Wire Security Fence (500)

    Twin Wire Welded Fence - Rigidity & Attractiveness Double wire security fence has been increasingly used as perimeter fencing for schools, residential, hospitals and public areas. Dual 5/16"horizontal wires sandwiching a single 1/4" vertical wire creates a 50 mm × 200 mm aperture. This open mesh aperture adds visibility for camera systems. The twin wire welded fence increases the panelrigidity in resisting vandalism, thieves and intruders. V-shaped beam, which will strengthen the panel strength, can be fabricated according to purchasing requirements. Barb wire or razor wire can besupplied separately on request. Double wire high security fence features rigidity. DWF-01: Double wire security fence.Dimension showed in the sketch of double wire fence. DWF-02: Double wire fencedrawing. Product description: Item: double welded wire fence. Vertical wire diameter: 1/4". Horizontal wire diameter: 5/16". Cross wire spacing: 8". Line wire spacing: 2". Height: 1.8 to 6 meter.Post: 100 mm × 50 mm or 120 mm × 60 mm. Finish: hot-dip galvanized or vinyl-coated. Color: silver, green, black or white. Features and benefits: Dual horizontal wires. Available with V-beam forrigidity and appearance. Large aperture provides high visibility. Galvanized after fabrication for durability. high level of vandal resistance. Typical applications: Farm security fencing. Hospitalperimeter fencing. Residential security fencing. Public areas. School fencing. Airport security fencing. Twin horizontal high security fence with black vinyl-coating. DWF-03: Black twin-wire securityfence.
    • Double Wire Security Fence
  • Single Welded Wire Fence (500)

    Light-weight Welded Wire Perimeter Fencing Green vinyl-coated single wire fence with folds is a good selection of perimeter fencing. SWSF-01: Single wire security fence. Single welded wire fence is alight-duty and cost-effective perimeter fencing for residential areas, schools or commercial sites where security and restriction is not urgently required. It features V-shaped profile addingrigidity and strength. Commonly speaking, 2 to 4 V-shaped folds are designed along the full height of the fence panel. The welded wire perimeter fence manufactured 5 mm vertical and horizontal wirewith 200 mm × 50 mm aperture is visually appealing with large open mesh and non-threatening design. Black or green powder coated welded wire fence blends well with the environment. It has beenanother popular perimeter demarcation fencing instead of chain link fence. Product description: Item: single welded wire fence. Vertical wire diameter: 5 mm. Horizontal wire diameter: 5 mm. Meshpattern: 200 mm × 50 mm. Height: 1.73 - 2.43 meter. Post section: 60 mm × 60 mm. Post centers: 3.025 meter. Finish: hot-dip galvanized or powder-coated. Color: silver, black or green. Features &benefits: Blends well with the surroundings. Ideal for perimeter demarcation. Galvanized after fabrication for better corrosion-resistance. V-shaped folds for lateral rigidity. High visibility.Economical cost. Typical applications: Garden. Parks. Schools. Commercial places. Residential areas. White welded wire fence for a house in USA SWSF-02: Residential welded wire fence. Blackvinyl-coated welded wire fence with 4 ft. height. SWSF-03: Black backyard welded wire fence
    • Single Welded Wire Fence
  • Roll Top Fencing (500)

    Roll top welded fencing or triangle welded wire fencing is ideal for residential and commercial applications. It features unique roll top and bottom structure. This special structure gives a visualappealing appearance. Roll top and bottom is popularly installed by gardens, schools, yards and commercial locations not only because of its appearance but of its safe edges for children. Roll topwelded panels are manufactured by various wire gauges and apertures to suit applications. Available in hot-dip galvanization or vinyl-coating in black, green or white color.
    • Roll Top Fencing
  • Chain Link Security Fence (500)

    Chain link fence is the most popular fencing system in residential, industrial and commercial markets. Its popularity stems from its relatively low cost, versatility, low maintenance as well asvarious appearances options. Traditional galvanized chain link fencing remains one of the most economical fencing barrier on the market today. Vinyl-coated chain link has been increasingly used forits appealing appearance as well as durability. Black chain link fencing is the most popular for it can match with the environment well. Chain link fence are manufactured in various wire gauges, meshapertures and heights to fit different applications. For example, residential chain link fence around backyard or garden, is 36" or 48" high and fabricated from 11 ga. or 11-1/2 ga. steel wire.However, for commercial fencing, the wire gauge is 9 and the height is not limited. In addition, slats can be inserted into chain link fence for privacy.
    • Chain Link Security Fence
  • Temporary Fence Panels (500)

    Temporary Fence Panels Makes Barrier in Any Location Temporary welded wire panels are easy to install on plastic stands. TFP-01: Temporary barrier fence. Movable and portable welded wire temporarypanels provide a temporary solution for construction sites, events, pedestrian and vehicular safety and crowd control or other applications where posts are not to be driven into the ground. Thetemporary panels sit above ground are clamped together for a rigid fence. Easy clamp installation saves your time and money. Product description: Item: temporary fence panels. Wire gauge: 4 mm.Aperture: 50 × 50, 75 × 75, 75 × 100, 60 × 150, 55 × 100 mm. Width: 2400, 2600, 2900 and 3100 mm. Height: 1800 and 2100 mm. Post diameter: 26, 32, 40, 42, 48 mm. Finish: hot-dip galvanized andvinyl-coated. Color: silver, black, green, yellow or custom. Features & benefits: Easy installation save time and labor. Easy to storage and transport. High visible yellow barrier for safety.Swing gates, panel base and clamp supplied. Long life span. Typical applications: Construction warning barrier. Crowd control barrier. Temporary barrier for events. Public area restriction. Swimmingpool fences. Outdoor concerts. Welded wire temporary panels as construction site barrier. TFP-02: Construction site barrier fence.
    • Temporary Fence Panels
  • Welded Wire Garden Fence (500)

    Wire Garden Fencing Not Only a Barrier but a View Garden fencing is mainly used to keep uninvited visitors out and your plants safe, or a practical tool for defining yard or garden boundaries. Weldedwire mesh with top and bottom roll is a preferable open garden fencing. The special triangle shape is safe for children or pets. What is more, it is appealing for its neat appearance andvinyl-coating. The narrow mesh aperture makes it difficult to climb over. Our welded garden fencing is galvanized before welding. This process will eliminate all sharp burrs which may hurt people.You may worry about the durability. Vinyl-coating which bonded and fused above zinc-coating can protect the inner wire from rust and corrosion. Triangle roll top welded wire fencing for garden issafe for your children but also attractive. GF-01: Top roll garden fence. Product description: Item: garden fencing. Vertical wire diameter: 4 or 5 mm. Horizontal wire diameter: 4 or 5 mm. Mesh size:75 × 75 mm. Panel width: 2400 or 3000 mm. Height: 910 to 1570 mm. Square post: 50 × 50 × 1.6 mm. Finish: hot-dip galvanized or vinyl-coated. Color: silver, black, green or white. Features andbenefits: Narrow mesh openings discourage fence climbing. No sharp edges to injure people or animals. Rolled top and bottom design for appealing feel. Black is the most popular color. Easy toinstall.
    • Welded Wire Garden Fence
  • Prison Security Fencing (500)

    Prison Security Fencing - the Barrier for Inside & Outside 358 prison mesh with finger-proof spacing hard to climb over. PSF-01: 358 prison security fence. Prison perimeter fencing plays animportant role in resisting intruders, escapes or contraband. 358 security welded wire fencing often accompanied by razor wire or barb wire on the top, is frequently found in prisons, schools, orcommercial locations. Finger-proof dense mesh aperture makes it hard to climb over or cut by conventional tools. 358 prison security fencing, manufactured by 4 mm vertical and horizontal wire, iswelded at each intersection for strength. The height comes from 1800 mm to 6000 mm and width 2510 mm. Available in hot-dip galvanization and vinyl-coating for better corrosion resistance. Chain linkfence is also used as prison fence. Product description: Item: prison security fencing. Vertical wire diameter: 4 mm. Horizontal wire diameter: 4 mm. Mesh aperture: 76.2 × 12.5 mm. Height: 1800,2000, 2400, 3000, up to 6000 mm. Panel width: 2515 mm. Finish: hot-dip galvanization or vinyl-coating. Color: silver, black, green. Features and benefits: Finger-proof dense wire spacing. Rigidwelded wire mesh panels. Custom height for unique applications. Galvanized after welding for durability. Available in RAL colors. 358 security fence with concertina razor wire topping fear awayintruders. PSF-02: 358 mesh with razor topping.Chain link security fence with multiple rows of concertina razor wire. PSF-03: Chain link prison fence.
    • Prison Security Fencing
  • Swimming Pool Fence (500)

    Swimming Pool Fencing - A Safe Barrier By Law Swimming pools can be extremely dangerous place especially for children. It is reported that thousands of drownings events occur in the country. Toprevent these tragedies, pool owners must install barrier to prevent unauthorized access by law. Black vinyl-coated roll top welded wire fence is the most popular pool fence. There are three reasonsfor its popularity. First, the black fence blends well with the surroundings. Second, the welded wire fence is strictly manufactured according to the law like height not less than 48 inches and linewire spacing no less than 1-3/4 in. Third, it is very easy to install and cost-effective. Black roll top fencing as swimming pool fence for a house. WPF-01: Black pool fence.Blue pool fencemanufactured according to law. WPF-02: Blue pool fence. Product description: Item: swimming pool fence. Horizontal wire diameter: 5 mm, 6.3 mm Vertical wire diameter: 5 mm, 7.5 mm Horizontal wirespacing: 150 mm and 180 mm. Vertical wire spacing: 50 mm. Height: 1200, 1500 mm. Length: 2400 mm. Square post: 50 × 50 mm and 65 × 65 mm. Finish: hot-dip galvanized or vinyl-coated. Color: silver,black, green or white. Finish: vinyl-coating. Color: black, green or white. Table - 1: Swimming Pool Fence Specification Item No. Wire gauge Mesh size Coating Height Width Weight SPF-01 16 1" × 1"Vinyl-coating 48" 100' 135 lbs. SPF-02 16 1" × 1" Vinyl-coating 60" 100' 170 lbs. SPF-03 14 1-1/2" × 4" Vinyl-coating 48" 100' 99 lbs. Features & benefits: Prevents unauthorized access. Safeswimming pool environment for adults and children. Line wire spacing no wider than 1-3/4 inches. Anti-climbing. Free of foot holds and hand holds.
    • Swimming Pool Fence
  • Welded Wire Cattle Panels (500)

    Versatile Cattle Panels - Livestock Pen, Trellis, Garden Fence A cattle staying inside of cattle panel pen. WCP-01: Livestock cattle panels. Welded wire cattle panels are used to protect and containthe livestock in habitat. Manufactured from 4 ga. or 6 ga. steel wire, the tough and sturdy structure can withstand the weight of a livestock or impact when the livestock lean against or ram thepanel fencing. Concerning about the safety of the animals, the vertical spacing from top to bottom gradually become narrower. Commonly, the vertical spacing of the bottom is 4 in. Another factorwhich will threaten the livestock is the process of galvanization. Our cattle panels are zinc-coated before welding. This will eliminate sharp burrs and provide smooth finish. Apart from beingfencing for cattle, hog, swine and goat, cattle panels can used as trellis, garden fencing or decking. Product description: Item: wire cattle panels. Wire gauge: 1, 4 and 6. Aperture: see Table - 1.Height: 50, 52 and 60 inch. Length: 16 ft. Package: 25 or 50 panels/bundle. Finish: hot-dip galvanized before welding. Table - 1: Cattle Panels Specification Item No. Wire gauge Height LengthVertical wire spacing Horizontal wire spacing Weight Panels/bundle CP101 4 ga. 52" 16' 8" 1 × 4" and 8 × 6" 36 lbs. 50 CP102 4 ga. 50" 16' 8" 2 × 4" and 7 × 6" 36 lbs. 50 CP103 6 ga. 52" 16' 8" 1 ×4" and 8 × 6" 36 lbs. 50 CP104 6 ga. 50" 16' 8" 2 × 4" and 7 × 6" 36 lbs. 50 Features and benefits: Galvanized before welding process. No sharp burrs and smooth finish. Versatile feedlot panels forcattle, goat, sheep or swine. Available in various types of spacing for selection. Also used as fencing for garden, deck, yard and trellis. Sag resist and won't break down. Typical applications:Feedlots. Arenas. Working pens. Corrals. Pens. Trellis. Garden fencing. 4 ft. high cattle panel fencing for a garden. WCP-02: Cattle panel garden fencing. Black cattle panel used as vertical trellison the wall. WCP-03: Vertical cattle panel trellis.Arch cattle panel trellis for a plant bed. WCP-04: Arch cattle panel trellis.
    • Welded Wire Cattle Panels
  • Welded Wire Hog Panels (500)

    Hog Panels Reusable and Durable for Various Uses Two white hogs standing inside hog panels pen. HP-01: Hog panels pen. Hog panels are necessary barrier for a busy farm and ranch. Manufactured by 4ga. or 1/4 in. rod, hog panel fencing will not break down or collapse when the hogs run into or rub against it. The panels are welded into one piece and will not sag. When installed, it will not needstretch like chain link fence. Welded wire hog panels come with 4 or 8 in. vertical wire spacing and combined spacing for horizontal wire spacing. The narrower the bottom, the boarder the top. Thisspecial design effectively reduce the possibility of getting stuck of the livestock when they intend to escape. Apart from being fencing for hog, goat, sheep, cattle, hog panels are also used asrailing, trellis, residential fencing or other applications. Product description: Item: hog panels. Wire gauge: 1/4 in. rod and 4 ga. Aperture: see Table - 1. Height: 34 and 48 in. Length: 16 ft.Package: 50 panels/bundle. Finish: hot-dip galvanized before welding. Table - 1: Hog Panels Specification Item No. Wire gauge Height Length Vertical wire spacing Horizontal wire spacing Panels/bundleHP100 4 ga. 48 in. 16 ft. 4 in. 4 in. 50 HP101 4 ga. 34 in. 16 ft. 8 in. 4×2", 2×3", 1×4", 2×5", 1×6" 50 HP102 1/4 in. rod 48 in. 16 ft. 4 in. 4 in. 50 HP103 1/4 in. rod 34 in. 16 ft. 8 in. 4×2",2×3", 1×4", 2×5", 1×6" 50 Features and benefits: Smooth finish eliminating sharp burrs. Tough and sturdy structure against impact from livestock. Will not sag or collapse when livestock push or rubagainst it. Various horizontal wire spacing for safety. Hot-dip galvanization before welding. White vinyl-coated hog panel decking railing. HP-02: Hog panel deck railing. 4 ft. hog panel fencing withcedar frame is very attractive. HP-03: Hog panel fencing for a house.
    • Welded Wire Hog Panels
  • Welded Wire Horse Panels (500)

    Our Horse Panels Are Friendly to Any Livestock A boy standing in front of horse panel fence is leading a brown horse which is eating grass. WHP-01: Livestock horse panels. Horse panels play importantrole in setting up a temporary or permanent horse pen. 2" × 4" or 4" × 4" mesh aperture can effectively prevent the horses hooves from being entangled in the fencing. Manufactured from 4 ga. or 6 ga.galvanized steel wire, the panel has outstanding sag resistance and will be very easy to erect without stretching. The panel is welded at every intersection to resist corrosion. Thanks togalvanization before welding, the sharp burrs will be eliminated by the process, which may hurt the livestock. Product description: Item: horse panels. Wire gauge: 4 and 6 ga. Aperture: 2" × 4".Height: 48, 60 and 72 inch. Length: 16 and 20 ft. Package: 50 panels/bundle. Finish: hot-dip galvanization before welding. Table - 1: Horse Panels Specification Item No. Wire gauge Height LengthVertical wire spacing Horizontal wire spacing Panels/bundle HRP100 6 48 in. 20 ft. 2 in. 4 in. 50 HRP101 6 60 in. 20 ft. 2 in. 4 in. 25 HRP102 6 72 in. 20 ft. 2 in. 4 in. 25 HRP103 4 60 in. 16 ft. 2in. 4 in. 25 HRP104 4 60 in. 16 ft. 4 in. 4 in. 25 HRP105 4 48 in. 16 ft. 2 in. 4 in. 25 HRP106 4 48 in. 16 ft. 2 in. 4 in. 25 Features and benefits: Smooth finish without sharp burrs which may hurtlivestock. Sag resistance. Easy to install without stretching. Various heights for different uses. One-piece welded construction for sturdy and strength. Horse panel fencing for a house. WHP-02:Black horse panel fencing. White vinyl-coated horse panel railing adds attractiveness. WHP-03: Horse panel railing.
    • Welded Wire Horse Panels


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