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    The Global Bush Travel & Tourism Agency is a full-service agency, ready and able to arrange all aspects of your trip to Cameroon no matter where you want to travel in the country is a family runand operated business that has been providing service for travelers to Cameroon since 2000. For us travel in Cameroon is not a job, it's a passion. Our personal are highly trained and qualified toassist you with getting the itinerary you need. We are Liability Company with reputable track record of international standard. We undertake all kinds of business worries; we operate an onlinecomputerized reservation network system and a standardized airline ticketing, hotel and transport reservation with our Global travel and tourism Services ask us to help customize your special trip.We specialize in tours for the individual traveler or small Groups, who are looking for the real Cameroon cultural experience.
    • Cameroon tour packages

    Cameroon travel and tour operator, (GLOBAL BUSH) Offering Cameroon tour packages,Cameroon holiday packages, Cameroon vacation, Cameroon airport assistance, Cameroon airport pickup,Cameroon car rental,cameroon tourist attraction Cameroon Baka pygmy tribes,Cameroon Dzanga Sangha,Cameroon Wildlife Safari tours,Cameroon Cultural heritage, Cameroon hunting,Cameroon trekking and hikking,Cameroon Bird watching,Cameroon campo ma an national park,Cameroon Dja Faunal Reserve,Cameroon waza National Park,Cameroon Korup national Park,Cameroon Bouba Ndidah Park,Faro Park,Cameroon Lobéké National Park,Cameroon Kribi Beach ,Cameroon Limbe beach, Mount Cameroon,Cameroon hotel reservation, Cameroon visa, Flight tickets,
  • cameroon Kribi Beach vacations

    Similar to Limbe, Kribi is Cameroon's other main beach resort - but unlike the black volcanic sands of Limbe, Kribi has a beautiful white sand beach
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    There are quite a number of distinct advantages with lucrative Cameroon Holiday packages but most importantly is the country's wildlife abundance plus other ...
  • Cameroon eco tourism

    Cameroon ecotourism promotes responsible tourism practices within the tourism industry. This entails encouraging the adoption of best practices in the use of tourism resources, working with local communities and managing wastes and emissions
  • The Slave Trade Route In Cameroon

    Cameroon slave trade served as a very important supply zone for the export of African slaves to the New World after the Portuguese exploration on the Cameroon coast. Cameroonian slaves were mostly sold to the Fernando Po collection center. The island of Fernando Po was one of the main collection points for slaves taken along the Bight of Benin. The Douala of Cameroon was the predominant slave-trading middlemen in these transactions. The majority of slaves traded from the Cameroon coast came from inland invasions as well as from the neighboring Batagan, Bassa, and Bulu.Four groups Tikari, Douala-Bimbia, Banyangi and Bakossi, Bamileke accounted for 62 percent of the people carried out of the River and from Bimbia in these years.
  • Cameroon Bakka pymies and Lowland Gorillas

    Bakka Pygmies Cameroon, Our company organizes a 9 days/ 8 nights expedition to the region to enable the tourists discover the cameroon baka pygmies and their way of life, their practice of traditional medicine with herbs and barks of trees, how they collect nuts from the forest, their hunting methods and also how they build their huts using tree branches and leaves. They also can execute their traditional dances, particularly the tortoise dance or the ritual Djengi dance, upon request.Tour Itinerary:
  • Cameroon Ngondo Festival

    Cameroon Ngondo festival is gathering the Sawa people each year on the Wouri river banks in Douala. This festival of all the Sawa people was restored in 1991.For the majority of the Sawa, an ethnic group composed of various coastal peoples of Cameroon The Ngondo Festival Cameroon takes place in the first two weeks of December in Douala and show cases the culture of the Sawa, the country’s coastal dwellers. Song, dance and canoe races illuminate the banks of the River Wouri, where a yearly message is passed from the ancestors to the present day inhabitants.
  • cameroon beach vacation

    Cameroon beach vacation and wildlife gives you the opportunity to experience natural as well as cultural realities of Cameroon. Relax on the beaches of Kribi Cameroon.Less than 100 km lie between the airport of the lively economic city of Douala and one of Cameroon’s most beautiful beach resorts. Limbe is a water paradise where you can ally the joys of the sea and the river at just a few steps from the lava of Mount Cameroon volcano.Vacationers on one of Cameroon’s Beaches. It is essential for every family to go for a holiday trip, at least once in a year as through such good times.Within 7days/6nights, experience passionate and unforgettable dream moments
  • Cameroon adventure gatway

    Cameroon adventure gatway, special circuit helps you to experience natural as well as cultural realities of the northern part of Cameroon. At the Waza and Benoue Parks, undertake a green trip in the heart of the animal kingdom to the lion – king of the jungle; discover the savanna and its mysteries; experience natural scents that will surely give you long-lasting strong feelings. You get all right here! Our simple and effective offers will help you to immerge in the wonders of this part of Cameroon. Just take it! Dream of Cameroon through this circuit which is worth twice its cost!

    Cameroon Dja Reserve is still not well known and is part of the World Heritage Site. With a surface area of 5.260kn-. it shares a boundary with River Dja and a stream of villages with a population of about 6.000 people. This fauna reserve is of high biological diversity: we can identify more than 100 mammal species, more than 320 bird species and 1500 plants species. Thus, we are inviting you to share in the daily life of pygmies for 6days, in a natural and exceptional setting away from Urban noise and daily pollution.This tour will provide you with 100% Cameroon pygmy real life, the fabulous life of gorillas, and active participation in the mythical dance of the pygmies.Guides, touts and porters available; All-seasoned vehicle from Yaoundé and throughout your stay; Good catering services; Good quality lodging in hotels and bivouacs. Day 01: YaoundéArrival of visitors, reception at the Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport and transfer. Lodging, dinner and night.
  • Call of the Pygmies Kingdom

    This circuit is a veritable synthesis of nature and cultures. You have the opportunity to experience (spend the night, work and share meals with pygmies) the daily life of these people who are believed to be the first inhabitants of Cameroon. Do you want to go hunting, harvesting or fishing? Then this circuit is designed for you and it will surely give you moments of joy and happiness. For 7days, nature opens up to you; discover the mysteries of the pygmies’ codex and if u are lucky enough you may live the treatment of a typical case of ‘witchcraft’ in real life! You will have yourself to blame if you do not visit the beautiful sandy Kribi beaches and their environs, the Lobe village and its Waterfalls (the only place in the World where a waterfall enters into the Atlantic Ocean through a Waterfall), the Campo National Park and its Elephants…Exceptional circuit and total satisfaction at the tour; All seasoned, air-conditioned and comfortable vehicle for the tour; Delicious meals; Lodging in comfortable hotels lodges and bivouacs. Day 01: DoualaArrival at the Douala International Airport and reception. Transfer and installation. Dinner and night.
  • cameroon nguon festival

    cameroon nguon festival, which takes place from December offers possibilities for visitors, especially researchers in cultural issues, to have not only a total insight about the rich cultural heritage of the Cameroon Grassfield, the nguon festival is festival organized one every two years in Foumban by the Bamoun people. This festival brings together all Bamoun people to think about the development of the kingdom. It is a very colourful festival. The future Nguon festivals shall take place in the months of DecemberDay 1: Arrival at the Douala International airport reception by the Global Bush Team and transfer to the hotel. Brief description of the Nguon festival and Cameroon, by the tour guide.Day: 2 Douala Bafoussam. After breakfast drive to Bafoussam Brief stops on the way to see interesting features such as the Ekom Nkam Waterfall, found some 200 km from Douala. It is a picturesque site and famous for having acted as the ground for the acting of the thrilling tarzan film by some famous film actors. A ritual sacrifice is performed by the local Chief meant to give blessings to the visitors. Another brief stop is at a bustling roadside market to have a taste of the local food such as roasted plantains, cocoyams and fish, which go along with a cold bottle of local beer. Overnight at BafoussamDay: 3 Bafoussam – Foumban. After breakfast, drive to foumban Participate at the very important opening ceremony of the Nguon festival, which occurs once every two years, characterized by the rare appearance in the public of the highly respected Sultan, accompanied by other traditional rulers from other parts of Cameroon. A lot of gun firing, traditional music and dancing take place. May have the opportunity to visit the rich museum. Overnight in Foumban and experience the thrilling night life, due to the presence of many people who have come from many parts of the country and from other parts of the world to attend the festival. This is one of the most important cultural festivals in Cameroon and the Central African sub-region.Day: 4 after breakfast pick up and drive to interesting parts of the locality before returning to the palace esplanade for the activities of the cultural festival. They include the small mystical house, believed to be about 300 years old and contain all magical warfare tools used in protecting the community in times of war. And craft centers. Overnight in Foumban.Day: 5 After breakfast attend the colorful closing ceremony of the festival we return to Douala or Yaounde for departure.
  • Cameroon Afo-Akom Cultural Festival

    Cameroon tour operators,offers visitors, especially researchers in Cameroon cultural issues, to have not only a total insight about the rich cultural heritage of the Cameroon Grassfield, but a mix of culture.Afo Akom Cultural festival, is gathering the Kom people each end of years in Laikom the fons palace. This festival is lasted for two weeks with tradition activities and cultural dance of the kom people Afo-A-Kom is a primitively carved wooded statute used annually by Kom inhabitants, for ceremonial purposes. It is an important emblem of Kom stored with other sacred Kom groupings at the Royal compound in Laikom. The statute was made at about 1865 by Fon or King Yuh, the 7th ruler of Kom.Afo-A-Kom was stolen to New York City in 1966, discovered and returned to Kom 7 years later and through intense diplomatic maneuverings. The incident brought Kom to international prominence.
  • Cameroon Sightseeing tours,Cameroon museum tours

    Cameroon sightseeing tours, Find a Sightseeing vacation in Cameroon. Visit Cameroon take a Sightseeing vacation to Cameroon, and enjoy a Sightseeing trip in Cameroon. Tour ItineraryDay 1: Europe – Douala. Arrival at the Douala international airport, welcome by the local team, transfer diner and night.Day 2: Douala – Edea – Yaounde. Breakfast, departure for Yaoundé, arrival, installation in the hotel and lunch, visit interesting sites in Yaoundé such as, Reunification monument, and the conference center. The febe hill to get the panoramic view of the city of Yaoundé, visit the Palotin Benedict museum with it long aged artifacts, retire to the hotel diner and night.Day 3:Yaounde –Kribi Breakfast, visit the national museum situated in the administrative center precisely in the former presidential palace of the republic of Cameroon, lunch, visit the municipal lake, the center town garden named after the head of states mother, the market and the zoo, after lunch we move towards Kribi. The landscape changes towards luxuriant vegetation of palm trees and coconuts, bordered by the beautiful beaches of the ocean. In the middle of this large drill, we discover pleasant small villages. The nets, the dugouts, the life of the villagers make this strange decoration. We arrive finally at Kribi, place to rest in the shade of the palm trees on the vast ones extended from white sand. Installation in the hotel, after Lunch departure to the Lobe Fall a unique place in the world and mostly visited by all tourists that get into Kribi. Get a taste of the sea fresh prawn visit the water fall, stroll on the white sandy beach, swimming, return to hotel, diner and night.Day4: Kribi-Baffoussam-Bamenda Pickup in the morning drive to western region of Cameroon on the way. Visit the magnificent Ekom waterfalls and known to be the highest in the country. Continue to Bandjoun, to visit the chefferie and museum to discover some of the rich cultural heritage of the bamileke traditions in the west Region of the country’s highlands. Continue to Bafoussam. Overnight in Bafoussam.Day 5: Baffousam – Foumban– Bamenda Pickup in the morning. Trip to Founmban. Visit to the Sultan’s palace and private Royal museum, you are encouraged with traditional musical instruments outside the palace before reaching the museum. Extend to the Sultan’s mosque and market. Continue to the artisan market. Trip to Bamenda arriving Bamenda you will visit Lake Awing and city tour around Bamenda check in the hotel. Overnight in Bamenda.Day 6: Bamenda- Buea –Limbe, Breakfast, visit the Bamenda Museum continue to Buea passing via Douala, going through the colonial rubber and banana plantations. Arrival in Buea, we visit the old German colonial governor‘s residence standing majestically at the foot of mount Cameroon, from this same port we would have a very clear view of the mountain. Then a stop at the tole tea factory, continuation to Limbe, and stop at the last mount Cameroon lava flow solidification site, in Bakingili, visits the site and then head for the hotel. We check in the hotel in Limbe diner and nightDay 7: Limbe – Douala – Europe.Breakfast visit the town of Limbe with its colonial structures, the animal rescue center, the botanic garden with it varieties of tree species and flowers continue to Bimbia in Limbe the site of an old slave trading port where you can learn about the colonial times, where slaves were assembled for exportation to Europe and America during the slave trading period,departure for Douala, visit the Douala seaport, the train station of Bessingue, the commercial center, lunch Departure for Douala International Airport. Departure formalities. Farewell greetings. Take off and end of the visit.


Cameroon travel packages,cameroon holiday packages
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