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JunkMaster is a junk removal company that is fully licensed and insured, providing quality service in Toronto and the GTA.
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    JunkMaster Toronto Inc. is a fully licensed and insured junk removal company providing quality service throughout the GTA. Our service includes the lifting and the loading of the items into ourtruck, and we always recycle and donate every chance we get! "Junk" is a pretty vague term, so allow us to clarify! We will handle any quantity of non-hazardous junk that you need to dispose of,whether it's a single item or several truckloads worth of stuff! We service homes, offices, estates, apartments, condos, self-storage units, warehouses, and backyards just to name a few! Simply put -we will remove just about anything that a team of two well-trained agents can fit into one of our specialized junk removal trucks! Our company has a dedicated team of professionals that are courteousand efficient. They recognize that it is a privilege to be invited onto your property and will leave the area free of debris when the job is done. All you have to do is tell us what needs to be doneand relax... it's that easy! The sad reality is that many junk removal services are unlicensed and dump illegally. Using an unlicensed junk removal service that dumps illegally can get you intotrouble with the law because you are liable for your items! You will also be liable for any property damage or injuries that take place during an uninsured job. JunkMaster Toronto Inc. is a fullylicensed and insured junk removal company that guarantees the safe and ethical disposal of your items! Please call 1-866-533-5865 to book your appointment today and watch the junk disappear!
    • Junk Removal


JunkMaster Toronto Inc.
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