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  • Kindergarten

    The experiences of a child, in his or her early years, are the basis of his or her social development and learning style. It is also at this time that children pose many questions about the space around them and the people in it. Everything presents itself as a learning experience and any question is an opportunity for exploration.

    Here, at The Prestige School, we recognize the importance of Kindergarten and its role in the early years of a child.

    In Kindergarten at The Prestige School, children will acquire the basic skills to help them succeed in their future academics, as well as in their personal lives. Some of these basic skills include math, language, the development of fine and gross motor skills, as well as social interaction. Furthermore, because we understand that children in Kindergarten have varying strengths in each of the subjects, we have a student-teacher ratio of 10-1 which enables us to offer individualized learning. This leads to further development in specific areas of interest to the child.

    Welcome to kindergarten! We all look forward to an amazing year of fun and discovery!


The Prestige School Richmond Hill Campus
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