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"IchessU" is unique place people all over the world can take chess lessons. Lessons are provided live, through the best in the world downloadable software, developed especially for chess education.The chess software is the only chess platform in the world, when one can play online chess games and see opponents in a live video. Only in the International Chess University, a student may takeonline chess lessons in the real-time interactive virtual classroom, see and hear the coaches and classmates, as if he/she are presenting in a real class. IchessU specializes in long-term onlinechess education, as a tool for mental and brain development. By using proven educational processes at IchessU, we produce dramatic results. IchessU chess lessons are matched to any chess level andage: International Chess University students range from small kids to aged adults, from very beginners to Masters.
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    IchessU Ltd. is an international chess university known to offer their chess lessons online. They specialize in long-term online chess education by using proven educational processes. IchessU Ltd. provides chess lessons by real teachers and grandmasters and is a regular online chess-playing club. They are a community of chess lovers who have come together to develop their thinking skills.


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