Wainwright Jewellers in 318 10 St Wainwright, AB T9W 1P6

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving you for the past 58 years. My father, Ewald Depner, opened his first jewellery store in Maidstone, Saskatchewan. His dislike of the provincial salestax fueled his search for a progressive town in Alberta. Wainwright's potential for growth and the economic stability allowed his fledgling business to grow here since 1955. For the past fifty eightyears the people of Wainwright and the surrounding communities have generously supported Wainwright Jewellers and the Depner family with both their patronage and their trust. We are truly honored tobe part of this community, and we will always strive to earn your continued support. I grew up working with my family in the store. My earliest memories include Dad's Rule Number One: "The mostprecious thing in this store, is our customer." Even though dad is gone now, his words and wisdom will always guide us.


Wainwright Jewellers
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