EBN Brazil in São Paulo, Brazil

EBN Brazil was created to help foreign companies start their business in Brazil. We want to be the tool that provides your company with time to focus on the core business.

Despite of all the good economic forecast for the Brazilian economy and its good market to be explored, it is clear that the bureaucracy, in Brazil, makes life much harder than it should be.

Our Company wants to answer simple questions related to running a business in Brazil, such as "How do I start a company?", "What are the legal requirements?", "Where do I acquire computers?" and all the other questions and needs that might appear.

These seem to be easy questions, but the time consumed on dealing with them will probably remove your focus from your main business. This is exactly what we want to avoid.

EBN Brazil is a Brazilian Consulting Company helping you in Brazil.

  • Legal Service

    All the legal paper work and procedures inside the Brazilian Government legal system. Our legal team will execute all necessary means to legally establish the company in Brazil. And, as some of our members of the Legal team have Taxes background, our work can be focused on helping you clearly understand the complex tax system in Brazil

  • Real Estate

    Our office is located in São Paulo, where we can support you in finding a better cost x benefit ratio to implement your office. Despite of being located in São Paulo, we can also provide you with support in finding offices in other cities and, along with our Legal Team, assist you in the buying/rental contract.

  • Telecommunications

    Our staff has an IT background and aligned with this, our good partnership with Telco companies and technology providers can provide your company with the latest telecommunication tech available, adapting it to your needs and reducing, in some cases, costs to zero.

  • Technology

    We have a longstanding partnership with the main IT providers in Brazil, which allows us to provide the best technology, in the best ETA possible and make sure that we deliver original products within this partnership. Infrastructure network/cabling companies are part of our partnership.

  • Office Structure

    EBN Brazil can help you get every structure inside the office, in the way you decide. We have established partnership with office furniture suppliers and daily office suppliers providing any item that may be requested during implementation.

  • Construction

    The office you choose is your option. We will help you to find the office that best fits your needs and, depending on the case, it might be a place that requires construction. Our construction partnership company will be able to handle small to medium size constructions if necessary.


EBN Brazil

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