Advanced Watertek in Myaree

Reverse Osmosis Specialist for Industrial Uses

We Custom make Water Makers and Desalination Equipment for the Mining, Industrial, Agricultural and Marine Industries

Advanced Watertek is at the forefront of design and manufacture of reverse osmosis watermakers. RO (reverse osmosis) is recognized as a safe reliable and cost effective technology for desalination: the process of converting sea or brackish water into fresh water for drinking or industrial use. We have over 29 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of highly reliable RO water desalination systems on land and at sea.

Each of our reverse osmosis systems is custom engineered to ensure it delivers the most economical and efficient fresh water solution, no matter how challenging the location or how saline the water supply. Our commitment to quality and innovation, combined with our policy of continuous incremental improvement, enables us to maintain our leading edge in reverse osmosis water purification systems.


Advanced Watertek