ImmuneTree in Lehi

Immunetree is a company that manufactures various health related products that are based on colostrum. is a company that has been involved in the research and development of various health related products Immunetree's products won the People's Choise Awards in 2012 with 89.33% and in 2013 with 96.70% consecutively since participating. Their Colostrum products are certified by independent testing by Dr. Don Lein, Head of Endocrinology Lab and Veterinary Diagnostics Lab to be true colostrums and not transitional milk. Their research began at the farm level and later progressed to collection of raw colostrums and finally into the manufacturing of various colostrums products. ImmuneTree monitors and regulates the collection and manufacturing of colostrums that are used in their products such as Colostrum 2.5oz Powder, OxyQuest Stabilized Liquid Oxygen, Colostrum Kilo Powder and more


colostrum, weight loss, anti ageing