Truelite Energy Innovations LLC in Al Quoz

Truelite is a brand incorporated in the US, for Green Energy Products, focusing on LED Lighting, Solar Off Grid Home and Industrial Solutions. Truelite has parallel operations in the Middle East and India and have plans to expand to the global market within a short span of time. Our Products are carefully chosen from the best quality components across the world and adapted and tested to suit the local conditions of every country we sell.

  • Solar Home and industrial solutions

    Truelite has designed and developed unique Solar Off grid systems for specific market and geographic conditions. We have done research and development in GCC, India and Africa, through our very reliable manufacturing partners in USA, China and India bringing very efficient solar Power for your Green Home and Office.

    All in one package - Truelite solar off grid solution provides all components of the whole system which usually includes: solar modules, a charge controller, an inverter, a battery bank and mounting structure as their main components

    This product is designed as safe, reliable and practical public system to meet household user's basic life demands. It can support various loads such as lighting, fan, TV, PC, air conditioner, refrigerator for a whole day.

    We have ready available power capacity options for 500Watts, 1KW, 3KW and 5KW and also capable of designing and executing higher power requirements on custom project basis

  • LED Lighting series for greener future

    LED High Bay Lights

    Energy Saving LED Flood Lights

    LED Bulbs

    LED Corn Bulbs

    LED Panel Lights

    LED Down Lights

    T8 LED Light Tubes

    LED Aluminum Light Bars

    LED Wall Washers

    LED Lawn Lights

    LED Street Lights

    Solar Energy Series LED Street Lights

    LED Garden Lights

    LED Tunnel Lights


Truelite Energy Innovations LLC
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